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RankTopTen is one of the world's largest opinion databanks and the leading online platform for crowdsourced rankings on a variety of subjects including people and brands, films and TV shows, music and entertainment, sports and lifestyle as well as lots of other hot topics you can start yourself!

Why's there so much power in those opinion-based lists, one could ask? Because these rankings are arranged on the concentrated "wisdom of the crowd" and reveal the estimation of our broad audience; their value has been concentrated, extracted and compressed in a simple yet refined ''top 10" formula that reflects the essence of things at its best.

To polish the ranking technology, we provided the ground for public debate so that our users can shape up the rankings commenting on each topic and reacting on them, making their choice and estimation well-grounded and reasoned. Users can vote, rank and re-rank items, add new entries and content they like. This makes our lists highly distinctive and unique.

We've done our best to help you understand what people like and what they do not; which places and things are worthy of your attention and which are not; what is a gem and what is just a fake.

Your opinion matters to us because we believe in a collective wisdom and often prefer it to a single expert's judgement. So find out how you can become a part of the world's largest community engaged in collecting the ultimate user-generated compendium of the mankind's best and most useful things. Take part and enjoy!