Since 1930s television was evolving and becoming better, more informative and entertaining. 79% of world’s households had TV sets in 2013. We reckon the situation is even better now. Not even mentioning the power of the internet and sources like Netflix, which turn your computer into fully functioning TV. Endless streams of shows, animated series and much more. Some are marvelous, others not so much. We won’t pay our attention to those series that are unworthy of your attention, unless they are THAT bad and deserve a top 10 of the worst of their kind. This category is all about the best, the most popular and breathtaking television products that get our attention every time. Best characters, top ten lists of anime you like and much more. The world of televisions provides countless opportunities and RankTopTen is here to collect them and ask you which one is the best.

Like any specific character of one of the shows? Vote for him in our dedicated list. Enjoy watching Pokemon even since decades after launch? Go ahead and leave a comment describing your thoughts on the matter and why everybody else should listen to you. Our top ten television lists cover anything there is to be covered. You do the rest by voting and expressing your opinion. Your thoughts are what we value the most. Participating in all of our top lists and completing them together is the best way to do justice to your favorite animations, shows or characters.

RankTopTen television category, a place where top on-screen products and personalities are evaluated and sorted into the list of the best ever. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed.