People represent a rainbow of emotions, a wide range of personalities. That counts tenfold for celebrities, media characters, superheroes and generally people that many of us know of. Simply because whether they want it or not, they are always on sight and people can follow them. We can love, hate or be indifferent to these people. RankTopTen wants to make your opinion official. That’s why this is a category dedicated specifically for people. Top ten lists of any kind that target various groups of people, collecting them into charts.

Always wanted to put your favorite superhero at the top of the best superhero list? No problem, we have a list specifically for that. Influential people, greatest personalities of all time or people of interest in our current history period, all have dedicated top ten lists. Vote, leave your comments about why should a person be better than others or why that guy is a disgrace to the movie industry. The only restriction is your imagination and personal feelings about that particular topic of discussion.

Best lists of the best people are at your disposal. Express your devotion to your favorite actor that suits the most for the role. Join the community to determine the coolest person to walk the Earth. Tons of top ten lists and a huge choice of fields to make your opinion heard.

RankTopTen crew loves a good discussion and this category is all about the best representatives of humanity, existing or fictional. There is no better way to define a top person than to agree on that publically. Our lists of greatest (sometimes not so much) people are at your disposal, waiting to be voted upon.