You can’t deny that no matter which negatives it has, our world is still amazingly beautiful. This section is completely dedicated to our planet and all its diversity. Top ten lists for anything there is to be scaled from best to worst. Roam the category and find lists devoted to the best cities to live, or places to visit. The Earth is full of surprises and you don’t even imagine how different is life in a city that is located on the other side of the planet. See lists of the greatest places to visit. Plan your journeys to the unknown and fascinating natural wonders together with RankTopTen community, listening to what others think and giving some piece of advice personally by voting and commenting the desired list.

Want to play on a larger scale? Choose lists that target countries, picking best or worst or even the whole planetary issues. We even have a specialized chart of the most hated countries, go check it out! Top discussed topics require their own battlefields. This is how we structurize the argument and let people vote, while the results draw light on the opinion of the majority.

Political and geographical insights are just a fraction of what the World lists section is about to offer you. Cultural differences and peculiarities create a wide choice of top ten lists, ready for your attention. Spend some time checking charts dedicated to the greatest languages ever to exist, or the ones that make people break their tongues. Go ahead and find a list that is informative for you or share your opinion where you have something to say.