Best States to Retirement

Everyone wants to live a long, rich and happy life and modern society has all the necessary elements to provide this desire. But because of many reasons, there are some territories which are really better for retired people to live in than others. Every year a lot of agencies create a rating of US states and its opportuneness as a state for retirement. We decided to make the list of the 10 best states to retire in.

These ratings are made taking into account such reference points as cost of living, quality of health care, crime, cultural vitality, weather, taxes and the senior citizens’ well-being. Please notice that we draw our attention exactly on the best states for retirement and there is no information about the worst states to retire in. So do not waste your time and read this interesting article now.



It is definitely one of the best states for retirees who don’t like warm and fond of snow and real winter. Minnesota is a northern boundary state and the land of the great Mississippi. “Land of 10,000 lakes” is the perfect place to retire in.



Among all “retired states,” this one seems to be a perfect choice for people who love woods and forests air. An unofficial “Pine State” of the U.S. also matches those people who like farming and want to spend their retirement running a small farm in the quiet place.



This northwestern state opens the list of the best states for retirement. Many of you may be confused by this fact, but it is really true. Rumors about Idaho are completely false, and its climate and living conditions are good for people who look for or need a retirement.



One of the best states for retirement is Massachusetts. The best conditions, of course, are in Boston but through the state, there are a lot of other quiet and cozy places. You can enjoy your retirement being on the top of the East Coast in the land of the birthplace of the U.S. whaling industry, and it sounds nice.

Despite recent tensions, Massachusetts doesn't even qualify as being among the most racist states in the US. Being historically pro-freedom, it rejects racism since its origins. However, a few hate, anti-gay, separatist and anti-muslim groups can be found. Does it affect the safety of the state though?


New Hampshire

And according to our statistics, the best state to retire is New Hampshire. Maybe this is somehow related to the fact that New Hampshire was the first state to separate from the British Empire and become independent (and people began to live better and continue up to nowadays) but it is hardly probable.



From my personal point of view, this is the best state to retire in the US. Europeans for some reason founded the first colonial settlement exactly on this land. A large number of forests and an almost subtropical climate make this state the eastern pearl of the United States.


South Dakota

The list of the best retirement states includes this part of the Tornado Alley area in the United States. But through statistics, we can say that South Dakota is a really good place to meet your age with a comfort or just take a break from busy and fussy life.



One more northern territory from the list of the best states to retire in is Iowa. This Corn Center of the world has all necessary conditions for people who are looking for retirement. Calm atmosphere, beautiful nature and good-natured people make this state a perfect choice for elderly people.



Land of the real winter and the Great Lakes. As well as Idaho, Wisconsin is not very popular in public settings, and it’s unfair. It seems like everyone wants to go to Florida but for real it is not among the best states to retire in, but Wisconsin is.



In our list of the best states to retire Colorado is the only “middle” state, and it is on the 2nd spot. It’s the land of the Rocky Mountains that’s why all fans of hiking and fishing should choose Colorado to have an unbelievable time.