What is RankTopTen?

RankTopTen is one of the world's largest opinion databanks and the leading online platform for crowdsourced rankings on a variety of subjects including people and brands, films and TV shows, music and entertainment, sports and lifestyle as well as lots of other hot topics you can start yourself!

Where do lists on RankTopTen come from?

Lists on RankTopTen are created by visitors request.

How long until my list shows up on the site?

Lists will not be visible until they have been approved by our moderators. How long this will take can depend on a number of factors including the nature of the list.

What are some reasons why my list would not be approved?

Lists may not be approved if they contain excessive spelling errors, grammatical errors, inaccuracies, names of non-celebrities, or crude or profane content. Lists may also not be approved if they include copyright protected content, are nonsensical, or are spam lists created to promote a specific company or service and have no real value aside from that.

How do I vote for an item in a votable list?

Simply visit the list page and click the UP button next to the item you would like to vote for.

How often can I vote on a list?

Visitors are able to vote on a list once.

Can I delete my list?

Because it would be unfair to visitors who have taken the time to vote or comment on a list, we avoid deleting lists once they have been approved unless it is warranted by extraordinary circumstances.

Can I still add to a list that already has 10 listings?

Yes, lists can be as large as they need to be.

How long until my new item shows up on the site?

All new item submissions will be reviewed by our moderators. How long it takes for them to approve an item depends on a number of factors including the nature of the item and the number of items in the moderation queue.

How long until my new comments show up on the site?

When comments are added, they are checked using an automated filter. Those that pass are added immediately although it may take a few minutes for the addition to become visible on the site. No links aviable in the comment.