A good book with a cup of hot tea is sometimes exactly what you need to survive during cold winter nights. Endless universe of fantasy, magic, and dragons can come to life inside your head. Breathtaking detectives, thrillers beyond imagination and unforgettable stories can stay in our hearts and minds forever. The surveys have shown that in general Americans read 12 books per year, all ages were taken into account. It would be a crime not to include a whole category dedicated to books in our RankTopTen library. Top ten lists that require you reading, not watching.

Do you find Hagrid amusing, or Severus Snape is more of a hero for you than a villain? Pick a specific top ten list and vote for your favorite to be at the head of the chart. Harry Potter was just a good example, and you can easily find similar lists that discuss characters from various popular books and make your presence visible. More into comic books? Good, we love them as well! In books category, you will find lists that cover best comics superheroes, best Marvel characters. Which giant of the comic book industry is your top pick when ready to dive into the adventures of fictional heroes, Marvel or DC? We know that the competition will be brutal.

Best pieces of book industry of all genres and all its derivatives are gathered here. We care for your comfort, so nothing would be in the way between you and that vote button next to your top pick. Don’t be shy, glance through the books lists and choose whatever you like.