Bloodborne Best Armor

Weapons are great but armor is what keeps you alive to fight another day. Your starter armor is only going to get you so far and new armor is hidden throughout the game. This guide will help you find all the armor as you go through the nightmarish lands.


Graveguard Set

Mask/Robe/Manchettes/Kilt of Dores, graveguard of the Forbidden Woods. His pale countenance mimics the labyrinth watchers. Willem kept two loyal servants back at Byrgenwerth. When they were sent into the labyrinth, they encountered the eldritch Truth, and went mad. One became the password gatekeeper, while Dores became a graveguard of the forest. Both remained loyal, even in madness.


Black Church Set

Attire of Healing Church hunters. Most Healing Church hunters are elementary doctors who understand the importance of early prevention of the scourge, achieved by disposing of victims, and even potential victims, before signs of sickness manifest themselves. Their black attire is synonymous with fear, and that peculiar Yharnam madness. When a cancer is discovered, one must pinpoint its location, reach in, and wrench it from the host's bosom


Cainhurst Set

Silver helmet/armor/gauntlets/leggings worn by the royal guards who protect Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods at Cainhurst Castle. This paper-thin silver armor is said to deflect blood of ill-intent, and is what allows the royal guards to capture prey for their beloved Queen, so that one day, she may bear a Child of Blood.


Charred Hunter Set

One of the staple articles of hunter attire, fashioned at the workshop. A product of the scourge of the beast that once plagued Old Yharnam and culminated in the town's fiery cleansing. Designed to be highly resistant to fire. Wearers of this attire hunted down victims of the scourge who survived the raging flames and stench of singed blood


Choir Set

Attire of the Choir, high-ranking members of the Healing Church. Members of the Choir are both the highest-ranking clerics of the Healing Church, and scholars who continue the work that began at Byrgenwerth. The eye covering indicates their debt to the teachings of Master Willem, even though their paths diverged.


Crowfeather Set

Wood-carved mask/Attire of Eileen the Crow, Hunter of Hunters. The beak contains incense to mask scents of blood and beast. Hunters of Hunters dress as crows to suggest sky burial. The first Hunter of Hunters came from a foreign land, and gave the dead a virtuous native funeral ritual, rather than impose a blasphemous Yharnam burial service upon them. with the hope that former compatriots might be returned to the skies, and find rest in the Hunter's Dream


Executioners Set

As the great Logarius once said, "Acts of goodness are not always wise, and acts of evil are not always foolish, but regardless, we shall always strive to be good.


Foreign Set

Hood/Clothing/Bandage/Trousers worn upon awakening to the nightmare of blood and beasts. Perhaps its wearer had to stay out of sight, and travel by cover of darkness. Without memory, who will ever know?


Gascoigne's Set

Hunter attire worn by Father Gasoigne. Similar to hunter garb created at the workshop, only these are tainted by a pungent beastly stench that eats away at Gascoigne. "Father" is a title used for clerics in a foreign land, and there is no such rank in the Healing Church


Ashen Hunter Set

One of the standard articles of hunter attire fashioned at the workshop. A fine piece of hunter attire that provides stable defense to anyone facing Yharnam's beastly threat.