What a wonderful time to be alive. Hundreds of artists make a name for themselves every day and we have a chance to enjoy their music as soon as it comes out. And in many cases, totally free! Plus, we have centuries of good music behind our back already. Sad, fun, melodic, quick, deep, meaningful, energetic and soothing. Name one and pick the best for your current mood. RankTopTen crew likes to keep things sorted and we have made tons of top ten lists that cover any topic you’d ever want. The fastest rapper - please, top rock bands - there you go! Anything for your pleasure. Choose the one you like and join many others in an attempt to create our own unique lists that represent the best pick of the covered topic. Eminem, Metallica, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, they all have the songs we like the most. And to reflect that we have created lists that specifically target top ten best songs of the genre. Really, the choice is massive and bazillions of topics are here for you to explore and influence with your opinion!

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