Best Beatles Album

These Liverpool guys have proven the world that anyone can do anything. Starting to perform in pubs in 1960 they have gone on and conquered the biggest world’s stages in just a decade. It took them only a few years to make the world enter the stage of total Beatlemania, with their songs played worldwide. Whole generations were raised to “Yellow Submarine” and “Let It Be”, indicating a huge legacy that the band has managed to leave behind for such a short period of time. Each of Beatles albums included top-notch songs which quickly became the voice of Britain overseas and a reason for a full-national pride over a couple of simple guys from an industrial city. This list is a unique opportunity for you to help the community to get Beatles albums ranked the right way.

Despite a brief existence, the band has managed to record 13 full studio albums with a staggering total of 211 songs. Most of these tunes are widely listened to even now, passing the experience and emotions on and on to the next generation, increasing the number of people whose childhood is surrounded by the Beatles. There has not been a Beatles album that did not become favorite for some people, making the whole band’s career a successful joyride towards being the worldwide stars.

Which one is your best Beatles album? Take a look at the chart and pick the one that resembles you the most, replicating your views on many things as well as sounding perfect for you in any state of the mood. Read through the comments and find out the preferences of a huge community along with albums that did not click for them. Express your insight on the brilliance of the top creations of this Liverpool band. Have fun!


Abbey Road - The Beatles

The twelfth studio album, Abbey Road deserves to be the best Beatles album just for that iconic picture of the band walking on the crosswalk. Notably, this was the last Beatles project that all four members took part in. Legendary “Come Together” is a part of this album, serving as a political call for peace.


Let It Be - The Beatles

Recorded in 1969 and released in ‘70 it is the last of released Beatles albums while the band was active and together. It includes the famous same-named song, which is still a major hit worldwide, reminding us of the good music people used to make. In 2003 it was re-published under the name Let It Be… Naked.


Help! - The Beatles

This Beatles album was released in 1965. Same as A Hard Day’s Night, the first side of the record included songs that were included in the movie of the same name. It was the last albums which included the songs of other authors. The album is known for the very serious lyrics, odd for early Beatles.


A Hard Day's Night

It’s impossible to get Beatles albums ranked properly without this one. The third studio album by the band, A Hard Day’s Night was almost completely written as a soundtrack for the movie where the band members starred as themselves. It’s also the first Beatles album to include all original songs, without any “borrowed” ones.


Magical Mystery Tour

It is one of those Beatles albums that are full of psychedelic rock and Magical Mystery Tour is the king of those. As per usual, the songs that were included in the British version of the album featured in the movie of the same name. The British version was re-released featuring 11 songs in 1976.


The White Album

Also known as The Beatles, it is the only Beatles album that ever was a double release. As many others, it gained huge popularity among critics and the general audience. According to the RIAA, the album is massively sold and has received the 21-time platinum status. The cover has words “The Beatles” on white background.


Rubber Soul - The Beatles

It was the start of drastic change that could be heard in Beatles albums. Ranked 1st for 9 weeks since the release date, it was new, refreshing and set the start of many other rock sub-genres. For example, raga rock, which is known for usage of Indian instruments originated from the “Norwegian Wood”.


Revolver - The Beatles

The seventh of Beatles albums. Ranked top in charts for 7 weeks in Britain and 6 in the US, it received critical acclaim mainly due to successful experiments that the band made. A brand new sound, much larger variety of topics that the songs covered - all that contributed to the huge popularity of Revolver.


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

One of the most critically acclaimed Beatles albums. The album was so powerful that Rolling Stone magazine named it the best album of all times in 2003. It sits on the ninth place of the most sold albums with more than 30 million copies. It is also the first album since Beatles have postponed their touring activities.


Please Please Me

This is the first Beatles album since the origin of the band. It was released in 1963 and included some cover songs, the most famous of which is “Twist and Shout”. The album was a massive start for the band to work its way from the pubs of Liverpool to the larger stages.