Sport builds character, willpower, and strength. It takes a lot of effort to become good at. But sports is what we love to watch as well. Great athletes and teams that are constantly competing for superiority, proving their worth to spectators. Best individuals become idols and this is just a fraction of influence that various sports have. RankTopTen wants you to participate in completing our top ten lists. Choose your best teams and players divided into specialized lists of the best of their kind. Football, soccer, hockey and its power rankings, we have all that. Which team would you give the biggest chance to win the trophy? Which player is your hero and passionate leader? Find a dedicated list and let us know.

Best fighters to ever live are at your disposal. Top boxers that amaze us every time we watch them fight wait for you to send them high up our top ten lists. These are great representatives of sports branches that cover all of the humanity, to say the least. Click the list that is devoted to these giants of sport and let everybody know you support them by voting and leaving comments.

Seen someone you think doesn’t deserve to be on our top lists? Your words have power, explain to others why should people listen to you! Discuss your sports favorites and see how the community reacts to your thoughts. Take a look at RankTopTen’s best lists that cover sports events all over the world and take a direct part in ranking the contestant of our charts.