Best Professional Wrestlers Who Died Young

Our life is an unpredictable. We cannot find out what will happen in 10 minutes. Perhaps, it is reasonable to follow the simple rule – to appreciate every moment. We have prepared for you a rank of the best wrestlers that gained the international popularity in sports. Nevertheless, their life paths were not long enough as they died at the young age. It is undeniable that such theme should not be commonly discussed that is why we have prepared for you a brief overview of sportsmen biography. Hope it will be informative and useful. Moreover, our summaries contain precise dates of the dead wrestlers and their sports achievements. Feel free and use it to broaden your erudition and enrich knowledge about the difficulties of sports life. Another critical thing to know is that you have a chance to get acquainted with the female representatives of that dangerous type of sport.


Big Boss Man

Of course, the theme of WWE death is not positive, but sometimes we want to know about the destiny of the sportsmen. Big Boss Man was a giant of the wrestling. It is difficult to believe, but he died at the age of 41 because of a heart attack.


Eddie Guerrero

He passed away at the age of 38 because of acute heart failure. He was one of the wrestlers that died in the hotel room. Through the 1990s, he became pride of the USA as he was a co-founder of the wrestler organization. Such big athletes deserve honor and fame.


Balls Mahoney

His birth name is Jonathan Rechner. According to the bibliographic data, he won the Extreme Championship Wrestling in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Such an event made him famous. Unfortunately, destiny was rude to him, and wrestler died at the age of 44. You can find more facts about that sportsmen.


The Ultimate Warrior

Surfing on the Internet, we can find numerous cases of wrestling deaths. The Ultimate Warrior was a member of World Wrestling Federation. In 1987 he won the battle and became two-time WWF Intercontinental Champion. When he was 55, he passed on but survived by his wife and daughters. The world knows him as a joyful wrestler.


Andre the Giant

He was popular French wrestler and actor. He had the lead role in the film The Princess Bride. It can be stated that his gigantism was caused by excess growth hormone. Unfortunately, that fact was a cause of his death. When he was 47, an acromegaly took his life. Learn more about WWE deaths.


Randy Savage

Randy is commonly known as Macho Man. He is one of the wrestlers who died because of a heart attack. Savage lost control of the vehicle and crashed a tree. That accident shocked the world. During his 32-year career, he was a member of the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling.


Chris Benoit

The life story of Chris Benoit is terrific. According to his medical diagnosis, he had dementia that led to behavioral problems; as a result, he killed his wife and son. Similar studies have shown that most of the wrestler deaths were caused by the emotional and behavioral illnesses. The reason for it was a dangerous sport.


Miss Elizabeth

Have you ever heard about pro wrestlers? The official cause of her death was "acute toxicity." The main reasons for it was a mix of painkillers and vodka. Miss Elizabeth succeed in wrestling and gained big international popularity. As we can see, we are the creators of our destiny.


Mr. Perfect

All WWE wrestlers are known for their power and titanic body shape, and Mr. Perfect is not an exception. Unfortunately, his life was not long because he was found dead in the hotel room in Florida. The cause of the death was cocaine intoxication. Nevertheless, we know him as the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Champion.



There are cases when professional wrestling leads to fatal consequences. The cause of the death of female wrestler Chyna is unknown. She passed away at the age of 45. A woman was undefeated champion of WWF. As it turned out Chyna was a successful actress who appeared in the films for adults. So, sport can be dangerous.