Best Fighters in The World

Well, this is a special one. It includes strength, brutality, agility and muscles. List created to define the best fighter in the world. And there are quite a few equally matched contestants. These guys have fists of steel and character of a titan. Best masters of martial arts, movie stars that earned their status through years of practice and professional world champions. They are admired, feared or even hated by those who envy them. They are the greatest fighters of all time and this list is a representation of how the society ranks them.

You can find iconic boxers, karate masters, and absolute killing machines if you happen to cross their path. Please note, that RankTopTen team does not recommend that. You should decide who’s the best of them instead, sitting in the safety zone of your room. It is a some choice for you to make: living legends of fighting or those who passed away and still live in our hearts. Some contestants are a true example of how a proper man should be: honest, cheerful and yet classy. Others can be total jerks sometimes but that does not take away their huge talent of a fighter and daily hard work.

A real competition is going on for the title of the best fighter of all time and you have the real chance to influence the final results. Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather, Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal, who is your greatest fighter of all time? Leave your vote and shape the chart the way you prefer.


Chuck Norris

A former army man and successful martial artist, he is often called the best fighter in the world. Learning Korean style Tang Soo Do has led him to creating his own martial art style. Most famous for the main role in iconic Walker, Texas Ranger TV series. Now a faithful Christian, film director, and screenwriter.


Jackie Chan

Being a victim of speculation whether he is the best fighter of all time, Jackie Chan is certainly a legend of moviemaking. Acting since the age of five, Chan became a stuntman in kung-fu movies which granted him a transition to bigger pictures and eventually to Hollywood, where he transformed into Jackie we know.


Jet Li

Chinese would certainly call him the greatest fighter of all time. A Wushu champion and martial arts specialist he started acting in Chinese movies at first. Lethal Weapon 4 was his debut in the Western movie industry. After that, he starred in a huge number of action movies becoming an all-time legend of cinematography.


Muhammad Ali

Bor as Cassius Clay, he is one of the most influential and greatest fighters of all time. 56 wins out of 61 professional fights and three lineal championships - a unique achievement. Ali was a huge activist, fighting for the rights of oppressed minorities and devoting his life to charity after retiring from boxing.


Bruce Lee

Considered the best fighter of all times by millions, Bruce Lee is a legend of martial arts. He was not packed with muscles but trained himself so well his strikes were impossible to withstand even for experienced fighters. Great Hollywood career and unfortunate death only strengthened his huge legacy of an icon of fighting.


Mike Tyson

If you don’t agree with Mike standing among the greatest fighters of all time, you can’t deny the power of his punch. Once a problematic kid from the neighborhood, he became the youngest boxer to become a heavyweight champion. He was 20 at the time. Now a reputable man and relatively successful actor.


Tony Jaa

Rather a legendary man for the movie industry than the best fighter in the world. This Thai martial artist, actor, and stuntman became known on the big screen due to the two of his Ong Bak movies and appearance in Furious 7. He is a stunning fight choreographer and a Buddhist monk at the same time.

Chuck Liddell

Anderson Silva

Still some way from becoming the greatest fighter of all times, this Brazilian martial artist has certainly left his mark in history. Longest UFC middleweight champion in competition’s history, only losing it to Chris Weidman after holding it for 2,457 days. Now has 34 victories and 8 losses, most of which came at the eclipse of his career.


Fedor Emelianenko

Coming from Ukrainian SSR, this Russian earned his place among the greatest fighters of all time with sweat and blood. A judoka, sambist, and MMA master, he won multiple championships in different fighting styles. A masterful striker, he is skilled in every aspect of MMA game. Emelianenko has recently signed for Bellator MMA.


Yip Man

Claimed to be the best fighter in the world by many. He is a master of Wing Chun, a close-range Chinese martial art. He is famous for teaching a number of students who later became the masters as well. Yip Man is the master of Bruce Lee and is behind the knowledge of action movie superstar.

Scott Adkins
Jason Statham
Georges St-Pierre
Michael Jai White
Jon Jones
Don "The Dragon" Wilson
Royce Gracie
Brock Lesnar
Shane Carwin
Conor McGregor
Roy Jones Jr. ( Best Boxers of All Time )
Sugar Ray Robinson
Huo Yanjai
Steven Seagal
Manny Pacquiao
Wanderlei Silva
Randy Couture
Buakaw Banchamek
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Cain Velasquez
Mirko Filipovic
Junior dos Santos
Joe Lewis
Rocky Marciano