Whoa there! So you are a gamer, aren’t you? Cheer up, brave explorer of the alternate universes, neck-twisting storylines, and massive open worlds, for the RankTopTen has something that will keep you here for a while. Did that weird argument with your pal about the best Mortal Kombat character or top Call of Duty game ever happen to you? It is time to raise the tension to a new level and make your thoughts official. Our top ten lists offer a huge range of topics, solely dedicated to video games. You can choose the best games and the most appealing characters of various universes. Our lists cover everything there is to be covered, ranging from best to… not that good. According to the community, of course!

Are you a fan of Skyrim? Go ahead and discuss the best follower for your Dovahkiin in your travels all across that icy terrain. Vote for your top pick, explain why you love the character that much and which perks suit your style of play. Do you love the old school and still spend hours in front of your GameCube? No worries, we got you covered. Choose your personal best among the games for that console from our list and end the quarrels for good.

Huge library of top ten lists that will satisfy a gaming geek of any level. Your tastes will be treated the best way possible. New to the industry? Surf the category and see people’s attitude towards anything that interests you even slightly. We’re sure you know how cool is Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Share our best lists with your friends and push your favorites to the top of the chart.