Best GTA 5 Mods

It is a well-known action-adventure video game. Its history dates back to 1997 and nowadays it is updated and will please you while playing. The main hero has a role of a criminal who should complete different missions. It is an essential part of this game as it helps you to come to another level. You have a boss who controls your actions. During your tasks, you can have some job, in particular, taxi driver, firefighter, police officer, etc. At the beginning of the game, you have a small video introduction that helps you to find out about your previous life.

Here you have the best GTA 5 mods that will make your game fascinating and exciting. They are dedicated to the ability of the main character, kinds of guns, cars, and extended time. You have a chance to use manager and set the game according to your tastes. So get ready to dive into the world of GTA 5 mods.



Are you tired of cops? Now you became one of them. With best GTA М mods you can drive a police car, have access to documents, and control their destination. Remember that it will give you more significant possibilities to commit crimes without punishment. Be the master of your life in a game.


Superman, The Flash, the Green Goblin

Are you interested in superheroes’ power? The best GTA V mods present you opportunities to feel yourself like Superman or the Flash. Now you can fly on the unique cars and kill people with the help of magical weapon. Moreover, you will have armored clothing that can guarantee you safe flight.



GTA 5 Pride

With this GTA 5 mod you can beear witness to the biggest Pride parade. The event will makes the game shine with new colors and positivity. You can use a variety of settings and manage the festival in a few involving ways.


Gang Hideouts

You have opportunities to create compelling gang hideouts.They are Red Dead Redemption style in their nature. One of the best GTA V mods, this one lets you play at least experience how RDR would have played. In quite a bizzare fashion.


Ironman Script Mod Version 2.0

Without any doubts, you recognized this superhero. This is one of those GTA mods that gives you an opportunity to feel powerful and invincible, just like Iron Man. This updated version helps you jump, climb skyscrapers and scare people with your appearance. This unlimited version will bring you pleasure.




Dragons V

Here you are the owner of a dragon. In settings, you can choose any type and control its action. During the mission, you can change dragons, but remember that your attempts are not unlimited. These creatures can breathe fire, snatch pedestrians, and hurdle them into the air. This is now a possibility with Grand Theft Auto 5 mods.


Incredible Hulk Script

With these GTA 5 mods, you become a giant that has the appearance of Hulk. This will make your game exciting as you will be able to play soccer with police cars and other types of fun. Thanks to your new power you can jump and destroy everything with your weight.


Superhot Mod

These Grand Theft Auto 5 mods are connected with the correlation of time and your actions. When you want to shoot someone from the big distance, this mod will help you to do it very fast and precise.


Jetpack, Just Cause Grappling Hook

Can you fly? With this one of the GTA 5 mods, you have a kind of sky-bound mode of transport. Now, you can leave your car in the parking lot, push the button and fly to necessary place. It will save your game time and improve your score.


Funny Vehicles Pack 1 & 2

Now you have an opportunity to be the owner of extraordinary cars and wagons that will make your missions much more fun. You can even organize different concerts and performances. Use this one of the GTA mods correctly and without fanaticism.