Best FPS Games

FPS games are a unique genre of video games that are based around shooting and fighting with enemies. For the majority of gameplay, the player kills opponents from different kinds of weapons. The player makes various actions from the protagonist’s side. These games offer us advanced 3D technologies and a big chain of opportunities.

The player controls character’s actions who is armed with a large number (about 10) of firearms. The task is to kill enemies, move on, and pass different levels. It is usually explained who is a player, and what is the goal of enemies’ death.

We have prepared for you a list of the best FPS games. You can find out about their peculiarities and specificity of missions. We considered such criteria as the three-dimensional environment, kinds of weapon, and characteristics of a hero. Moreover, we have chosen games that have fascinating stories and missions.


Titanfall 2

It is one of the best FPS games. The main hero is a pilot who is both powerful and well-equipped. He has an arsenal of abilities that allows to jump and run on steep walls with the help of a "pilot jumping module." Has a robust multiplayer mode.


Dishonored 2

The best FPS Dishonored takes place on the Isle of the Empire. The cities of Karnaca and Dunwall are the main locations of the proceedings. The character can choose the role which he will play. The game consists of a wide variety of missions where you should kill the enemies. Develop your gaming skills with Dishonored 2.


Doom and Doom 2

The main components of the game are an endless legion of demons, great variety of weapons, and fast movement speeds. The main aim is to kill opponents and move through corridors and levels. One of the top FPS games which lets you choose different kinds of firearms.


Wolfenstein: The New Order

This game has a distinct historical background. All events happened in the alternative universe when the Third Reich won the Second World War. The aim of this one of the best fps games for pc is to shoot from the first-person Nazi soldiers and robots from different planets. You will enjoy this game.


Devil Daggers

This FPS game takes place in an abyssal arena. The task of the main character is to shoot legions of demons. The game has prepared different missions for you and quests that will make your gaming more fascinating and exciting. Your weapons are magic daggers and a fluid movement system.


Lovely Planet

The hero of the game is the traveler through the abstract worlds. You use one kind of weapon and shoot different things on your way, in particular, various geometric figures and fruits. This is one of the best FPS games. It's colorful, that is why you shouldn't hesitate and play it.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

The game is based on the history of Pripyat and its catastrophe. Two well-armed detachments are the main characters of this game which many consider to be one of the top FPS games. They came to liquidate radiation and struggle against bandits. The game is well-written, the music and sounds of every action are realistic.


Metro 2033

It is one of the best fps games for PC. Its genre is Survival Horror. The plot is based on the novel; even the characters are the same. As a player, you can control the actions of the main hero who lives in post-apocalyptic Moscow. All his missions will be completed in the subway.


No One Lives Forever

The main hero of the game is a spy named Cate Archer that works for secret organization called “Unity.” You can move and cope with different missions with the help of individual devices or just killing the enemies. This FPS game offers fascinating musical accompaniment, and you can hear even the sounds of Cate’s steps.


The Signal From Tölva

Are you interested in a future world? This one of the best FPsS games will help you to imagine it. As a player, you will fight with robots with the help of different savage weapons. Your mission aims to find the nature of the mysterious signal. The results of your battle are important.