Best Space Games on PC

Have you ever dreamed of flying to space to see the vastness of it? Innumerable planets and galaxies, black holes and nebulae. You don’t need a spaceship since all it takes to make the journey are just some of the best space games. We’ve selected some of the most colorful, expansive and exciting games. Do you have what it takes to accept the challenge and fight with aliens and monsters from other planets? These games don’t need a space pilot certification in order to play.

But it’s quite hard to pick just one game across so many titles. This is exactly the reason why this list is here. We need your input in order to pick the best space game. The list below was compiled based on such aspects like the cast of characters, kinds of weaponry, quests, missions and depth.


Homeworld Remastered Collection

Often cited as the video game equivalent of 2001: Space Odyssey, Homeworld Remastered Collection lets you plunge into mysterious frontiers. This remaster is one of a kind and it improves on pretty much every aspect of original games: better controls and visuals. An improvement all-around.


Universe Sandbox 2

As should be evident from the title, this game offers you a bunch of opportunities to play around with the universe within the constraints of a sandbox. Space games like this one allow you to approach and play around with fabrics of space.


EVE Online

This ranking wouldn’t be complete without this one. People left Earth and began to colonize other planets through wormholes, but then those wormholes closed… EVE is an MMORPG with some impressive systems. Every player is free to do whatever they want: rob other players (but keep in mind that others can do that to you as well), join a guild, and even mine for resources.



A recent entry, this it is a first-person exploration video game. A research station on Europa went haywire and AI training program assumed control of it. You are the only member of the crew who’s left. Unravel the mysteries by completing a bunch of cleverly designed test chambers.


The Dig

Here’s a classic LucasArts graphic adventure game. It was initially met with mixed critical response, but has since grown considerably in renown; the status of a cult classic was bestowed upon it which is why it’s currently included in this list of good space games. An asteroid is on its way to Earth and it’s up to you to stop it.



Another in the list of best space games is this 2016 indie title. You assume the role of a pilot who previously had an accident. The galaxy now resembles a graveyard. Feel free to explore abandoned ships, but make sure not to disturb those crawling within.


Star Wars: Empire at War

Another strategy title from masters of the genre. This one lets you participate in large-scale battles and encounter iconic units and characters from the beloved Star Wars franchise. Use different kinds of weaponry and strategize your way to victory. The war truly ends only when the enemy is crushed.


Elite: Dangerous

As a player of this open world pc games, you discover new galaxies and prevent different disasters that are connected with asteroids. You drive a spaceship and supply the inhabitants of other planets with goods. Moreover, you can join online galaxies and make new battles.



A narratively-driven game with a fascinating plot. From the developers of Gone Home, this title puts you in the shoes of a young scientist who works on a spaceship. Your task is to investigate the Moon and other satellites. You are required to find the traces of the last expedition group.


Mass Effect 2

The second entry in the series is considered to be the best one among the fans of the franchise. It rightfully belongs on this list of best space games. You take on the role of a character named Shepard and assume control of his spaceship, Normandy. Ready to save the universe?