Best Open World Games

choose different environments and worlds for playing; you have a wide chain of heroes and weapons. There are no strict rules connected with levels. You can start even from the second one and save your scores. There is a great variety of different missions and quizzes, but you can complete them at your own pace. Use your creativity and erudition to pass all levels and gain necessary scores. Each of these games has easy settings that make installation not troublesome.

We invoke you to get acquainted with a top of the best open world games. We have focused our attention on the number of the levels, opportunities of the hero, and, of course, types of weapons. You have a chance to travel to different countries and find out new things thanks to our games. Relax and enjoy your victories.


Elite: Dangerous

As a player of this open world pc games, you discover new galaxies and prevent different disasters that are connected with asteroids. You drive a spaceship and supply the inhabitants of other planets with goods. Moreover, you can join online galaxies and make new battles.


The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

Morrowind is a city that is frizzed in time. The streets are dull and empty. There is no hint of development. This top open world game makes everything realistic and you become a virtual citizen of this place. Are you interested in the plot of the game? Morrowind charms you, so play it.


Metal Gear Solid 5

That is a kind of action-adventurous game that gives you an opportunity to walk down the virtual streets and kill enemies. With the help of accurate sight, your hero can find opponents in different places. This open world pc game will develop your shooting skills and make your game process fascinating.



That is a 2D pixelated universe, full of quizzes, quests, and tasks. You aim to find a new solar system where humankind can live. Moreover, you can build a peaceful town near Starbound which you will protect from enemies. Hopefully, you will enjoy this open world game.


Just Cause 2

That is one of the easiest game of the list open world games. The main hero can fly and choose the environment. Moreover, you have special equipment that protects you from injuries. Every level has new quizzes that improve your score. Be creative to save the game time.


Saints Row 4

It is open world game with the elements of adventures and action. Your hero is a street gang that can choose different environments where he wants to commit a crime. Every mission has various quizzes and tasks that you should solve. It helps you to gain points and improve the score.


Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

This best open world pc game aims to kill horrifying mutated creatures and investigate the territory of Chernobyl. The hero can use different types of guns. Be careful because Stalker has prepared for you a lot of unpredictable things and missions. Moreover, you will get acquainted with the consequences of the catastrophe.


Grand Theft Auto 5

If you are obsessed with a great desire of driving a car and feeling a speed – this game is for you. This best open world pc game offers you the opportunity to take part in races on the street of Los Santos. Use settings and create the car of your dream.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The game is well-written that is why you can travel to different islands and discover the environment of a game. Bolino Velen is the main character who has enough power to kill witches and make the world better. In this best open world game pc, you can choose any of the historical epochs. Enjoy your mission.


Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

It is a journey in a charming Caribbean archipelago. You travel from one island to another and discover the rich underwater world. It makes a game colorful and realistic. That is one of the top open world games that have no battles and evil. Your character is like a guardian of peace and harmony.