Animals are cute. Well, most of them. There can be so many discussions and top ten lists that are focused on our lesser brothers that it deserves a whole separate category. How’s that, you might ask. Animals are always among top google search requests (not competing with Hillary and Trump, though) and a true hype has never omitted those cuties. Did you know that dogs are the most searched animals with cats at second place? Such popularity deserves an in-depth look and prolonged discussion.

RankTopTen offers you to take a look at our best picks of animal world we could find. Are you into dogs? Pick the best one in a dedicated list. Vote for your best pet and convince people that guinea pig is a top pick for those who want to have an animal beside them. If you love guinea pigs, of course. Say what you think about cats being the most popular pet worldwide! Those nice little paws, purring and sweet looks they give you every time… Sorry, we’ve got carried away a little bit. It doesn’t really matter which animal you are fond of, RankTopTen has you covered and supplied with top-quality animal lists!

Top lists of the best representatives of the animal world are in the house. Feel free to roam the whole category and pick something that is exclusively appealing to you and vote! Share your own stories that prove your pet’s superiority in the comment section. Don’t have a pet? Check out a list of the best pets and pick one that most people consider awesome!