Most Dangerous Animals In The World

What is the most dangerous animal in the world? The answer is simple. MAN ! However, some animals are his true competitors in the game of life and death, the game called SURVIVAL. After all, their poisonous teeth, menacing stings, long claws, sharp fangs, huge horns and gapping jaws give them a "tiny" advantage when they meet man one on one. Checkmate!



They may seem cute, chubby, and cuddly, but don’t be fooled, these aggressive predators are considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. They are extremely fast (the can run at speeds over 20 miles an hour) and their enormous jaws can open four feet wide. In spite of being vegetarians, males often attack humans who stand in their territories, while females usually attack if they sense anyone jeopardize their babies. Number of fatalities per year is 100-150.


Polar Bear

This largest carnivore on the Earth does not usually attack people, and does not consider them a prey. But, if they feel threatened, or they are really hungry, they will attack and will kill you quite easily. They are extremely strong, and fast. If you want to get close to them, they will interpret it as a challenge, and will attack.



Elephants first appeared in Africa about 23 million years ago. At that time dominant herbivores were horses. Through centuries, elephants have evolved into extremely large herbivores, which was the consequence of their struggle with horses for the same food. They are famous for their ability to use various tools in nature, while they are obedient quick – learners in captivity. Elephants have more brain cells per square centimeter than any other species of animals, which explains their capability to learn and remember. They are also very curious and well-behaved, they clean their food before eating it. What sets them apart from other animals is their compassion and concern towards their own, and other species, and this indicates well-developed intelligence.



Contrary to a general belief, most of the sharks are not dangerous to humans. However, some of them do attack us. There are 360 species, and only four of them are killers : the great white, tiger, bull and the oceanic whitetip. This group is responsible for more than 100 deaths a year.



It looks harmless, but, you should never forget that poison is packed in small bottles. Most famous for its ability to spread diseases, such as : deadly malaria, elephantiasis, yellow fever, dengue fever and West Nile virus (recently introduced to the US), this tiny creature is responsible for 2-3 million human deaths every year. Next time you spot it, do not hesitate, smash it!


Big Cats

Lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards, even the cheetah are all able to easily kill a man. The danger of their attacks increased by man’s expansion of his own space and destruction of theirs. Attacks of tiger and North American mountain lion or cougar have particularly increased recently. The biggest and the most dreadful of all is certainly the African lion, which lives and hunts in pride, so if you meet one, you’ll probably meet 8 or 9 more, and if they’re hungry , well… , you’ll probably be the main dish on the menu. Mountain lions often reside in national parks and attack 6-8 people a year in the USA and Canada. All in all, cats are estimated to be responsible for more than 700 fatalities a year.



Their piercing eyes, body armor, long jaws and sharp teeth bring fear to anyone who happens to come close to them. These vicious prehistoric creatures are very fast hunters, able to overpower animals as heavy as they are. North American, Estuarine and Nile crocodiles are the most terrifying. They are crafty killers, able to wait patiently till the perfect prey and the perfect time to attack comes. An estimated number of their human victims is between 600 and 800 per year.



Although there are around 2.000 species, only 30-40 can kill a man. Their skills of survival allow them to live in the isolated places of harsh conditions, where an antidote is often unavailable. This is why most of their victims (more than 1600 per year) die.


Poisonous Snakes

Out of 2.000 species of snakes, 450 are venomous, and only 250 are able to kill a man. And when they kill, they are merciless. It is assumed that the number of their victims is between 50.000 and 125.000 every year, and those are mostly locals who share their living and working space with the snakes. Whether it is a Black Mamba, Asian Cobra, Blue Krait, or Belcher’s Sea Snake or any of their deadly cousins, stay away!


African Buffalo

These unpredictable animals have earned their reputation of man-attackers mostly from the hunters and the people who got close to them. They become very dangerous if wounded, and are famous for stalking and attacking hunters who have wounded them. Outside the national parks they are often the guilty ones for deliberate savagery, they ambush people, break fences, destroy fields of crops, and spread bovine deseases to livestock. Due to constant hunting, their number is noticeably reduced, but apart from the people they have few natural enemies, and are very capable of defending themselves.