You have probably found some interesting categories with plenty of lists that suit any taste. But what to do with the rest? For example, a list of greatest wrestlers of all time or a pick of the worst of those? These charts are still awesome and entertaining but do not quite fit into any category we have created so far. That’s where miscellaneous section comes in. Best lists that we couldn’t place in a suitable category. Almost anything that surrounds us can be a subject of discussions and is worth to be in dedicated top ten lists. Or so we’d like to think. Lists for humor and things that make you happy, charts that define the most annoying stuff and worst character traits. How about best words, numbers or jokes?

Miscellaneous lists are often the most numerous, making it easy to get lost while looking for something that is specifically attractive to you. It is also a place for bringing up serious topics that cover our everyday life, including our behavior, bullying, love, hatred and much more. In one moment the least defined section of RankTopTen lists can become a treasure for those who seek advice on simple things. Seriously, anything can be put on a list and what’s more important, you can vote for your winner (or loser) of the specific top ten competition.

The best way for you to fully understand what miscellaneous rankings have to offer is to explore the whole category yourself. Some things you know of, others will make you smile or think a lot. And each of these rankings you are welcome to vote upon, leaving your comments and buzzing together with the crowd!