Top Scandalous Freemason Secrets

People always think there must be the high power or a Big Brother who rules the world, influences world politics, etc. A lot of secret groups like Bilderberg Club provoke tons of rumors. But there is a one really huge secret organization that really exists and has a lot of secrets. We are telling about the masons.

A lot of people ask: “What is a free mason?” Well, it is a member of the mason lodge who swore an oath of loyalty to the Order and all its rules and requirements. The masons have 33 levels and a Master Mason on the top of the Order. A member of the Order can pass all 33 levels and become a master mason. Masons have their own special types of handshaking, passwords, code phrases, rings, badges, etc. We made a list of most interesting facts about the masons, so enjoy.


Masons played a key role in space exploration

There are a lot of rumors about space missions and their results: fakeness of the Apollo-11 mission, Apollo-13 accident, etc. And there were a lot of masons among the astronauts (even Buzz Aldrin was one of them). We can find freemason symbols everywhere. Will we ever know the answers to all these freemasons secrets?


They have a secret handshake

Masons have secret freemason type of handshake. It is not advertised in public, but it was fixed on various photos. Moreover, they also have some code words and phrases to show they are in danger and extremely need help. And all these secrets seem to be a real truth.


They have several secret passwords

A society of the masons is very close and to get into it it`s not enough to pass the acceptance procedure. One of the main things you have to know is secret passwords. In total, there are 3-4 different secret passwords for different cases.


Their rituals involve a noose

Freemasons have a lot of old traditions, rules, and symbols. Probably the most famous freemason symbol is a noose hanging during the rituals. Meanings about its predestination are different: it can be a threat, a call to maintain silence, or simply as the symbol of an umbilical cord (as they say).


They’re obsessed with the sun

Another one among the Masonic symbols is a symbol of the east. Their belief says that the East is connected with a rebirth. Because of this fact, masons build lodges in the east and in the west to control a solar power and use it for own purposes.


Masons exclude atheists

It may sound irrational, but it is impossible to join the Freemason Order if you are an atheist. That means faith isn’t a free mason deed. You don’t need to believe exactly in Catholic, Muslim or Jewish god, but in the almighty higher power.


They work to control politics and finance in various countries

To understand what is Freemasonry and imagine its prevalence you should know that masons exist in almost every sphere of society. They involved in politics and government to rule the situation, in finance to provide themselves with money, in education to influence the youth and recruit new members of the Order.


Their symbol is on the dollar bill

Definitely, the most common known mason symbol all over the world is placed on the USA dollar bill. There is All-Seeing Eye above the pyramid that is one of the main freemason’s symbols. Also, there is a Latin slogan under the pyramid which means “new world order” (official freemason motto).


Anders Breivik was a Mason

Sometimes masons define scandalous themes for discussion. For example, Andreas Breivik who has run 2 acts of terrorism and killed 77 people. Quite interesting is the fact that he was a mason and had a membership in the Lodge of St. Olaf in Oslo.


They will not testify truthfully against each other

The relationships within the Order are very strong. You can understand what is a mason if you know the fact that he will not truly testify in a trial against another mason. Perjury is a significant crime but for them testifying against their brother is a far greater sin.