Top 10 Modern Cases of Feral Children

History has lots of examples of incredible and amazing things which could either marvel or scare people. Exactly such phenomena are feral children. Stories about them have appeared up from the 18th century and last even till nowadays. And if you think in our digital age there are no such stories, and feral definition seems to become of usage, you are totally wrong.

Many people know the story of Genie the wild child who was locked in the room by her mother for 12 years because she was afraid that her daughter would fall ill. But this incident is an exception to the rules, and in most cases, the “appearance” of the feral humans is the result of accidents (when wild animals for unknown reasons take babies away from their homes). Because of that, these children were raised by animals and behaved themselves exactly as they did. Let’s have a look at top 10 modern cases of feral children.


Feral Children: Shamdeo

If you have read a Rudyard Kipling story about the Mowgli, you surely will get the sense of this story. A feral child called Shamdeo was found in the village of Nayanpur, India. The child had a real friendship with wolves, and other jungle animals, had some knowledge of sign language and was not learned to speak.


The Wild Girl of Champagne

This story happened in the 18th century in France. Her name was Marie Angelique Memmie Le Blanc, and at the age of 18 she strayed through the forests of France for about one year, ate birds and roots and communicated only with shrieks and squeaks. The story of this wild case was published for the first time in 1755 and Marie became famous.


The Bear Girl

To better understand what does feral mean, you should read the story of a girl from Turkey who was adopted and raised by the bear. Hunters described her as a wood spirit. She ate only raw food and slept in the dark part of the room on the floor.


The Leopard Boy

Another story about the wild children from India. The boy was taken away from the house by the leopards and found only three years later. He had tough skin and walked on all fours like an animal. After he returned to the family, he didn’t talk to anyone, fought everyone who approached him and ate row fowl.


The Syrian Gazelle Boy

There are really a lot of feral humans stories all over the world. In 1960, in the desert of Syria, people found a wild boy who lived with gazelles. He used to walk on all fours, twitch his muscles, nose, and ears after every even the slightest noise.


John Ssebunya

You can learn what is a feral child in the modern world through the story of Josh Ssebunya. At the age of 3, he fled to the jungle of Uganda and was raised by the monkeys. They taught him how to survive and use the sign language. In 1991 he was found by people being completely ill.


Oxana Malaya

History has feral children stories which frightened with its dreadfulness. Oxana Malaya was grown up in the family of alcoholics. And because of that parents didn’t take part in the child`s upbringing and she was growing up with dogs. She could not talk, lacked many basic skills, and behaved like a dog.


Prava, the Bird Boy

In many cases, feral human became such because of the animals, but sometimes the parents themselves brought the children to wildness. For example, in Russia, the mother loved birds and decided to raise her child like a bird. For this reason, at the age of 7, he could not speak, only chirp.


Kamala and Amala

The most known feral children raised by wolves are Kamala and Amala from India (again). But after girls were picked up from the jungle to village, one of them died within a year and the eldest one within nine years. That means not always a society is what human really needs.


Wild Peter

Alike the Genie feral child who could not socialize (whereas from her 13 she spent all her life with people) Wild Peter, who were discovered in 1724 in the age of 12 and since that he has studied in England, but could not say any words (except “Peter” and “King George”) up to his death.