Top 10 Things You Never Knew About The BTK Killer

There are some killers who terrify people only by their names. At all times, the most dangerous and unpredictable were serial killers. One of such appeared in Kansas in the 1970`s and was named BTK. Dennis Randle became a BTK serial killer because of sexual-grounded problems and frightened people for almost 30 years.

Dennis Rader victims were almost always single women living their life. The BTK used to mail to media and police telling about his crimes or victims. All his crimes were carefully thought out and planned, he studied in detail his victim, his schedule, place of living, movement, etc. Being a serial killer, BTK at the same time had a normal job, wife, and children and outwardly there was no difference between him and an average American. We collected some interesting facts about the BTK and made a list of top 10 things you never knew about the BTK.


Factor X

In 1978 Dennis Rader sent his 2nd letter to KAKE (it is a television station in Wichita) telling about so-called “Factor X.” In the letter, he explained this factor is the reason why he and other serial killers (Jack The Ripper, Ted Bundy, etc.) commit murders. He said it was like a motivation for him.


Dennis Rader Was Dumb

In a trial, prosecutors noted a genius planning of murders by Dennis. He chose victims carefully, learned their schedule, movement, working hours and home location. But he actually was not very smart. BTK letters to the newspapers had a lot of grammatical errors and were really illiterate.


BTK Wants To Help His Victim’s Families

In prison, Rader has got an idea to make the BTK movie and book. He said this probably could help people better understand the criminal mind. According to the BTK`s idea, a portion of the proceeds from the movie and book will go to a victims’ fund for future help.


He Reveled In The Terror

A really specific feature of the BTK killer was his connection with a press. He was known for sending letters to newspapers in which he described his murders and victims. As he said later, he was pleased that people in Wichita felt fear because of him.


He Photographed His Victims

During the procedure, Dennis Rader said he committed murders to satisfy his sexual desires. BTK victims made him get sexually aroused after he killed them. And to save these moments in a memory, he photographed his victims or even himself in various bondage positions.


The One That Got Away

Anna Williams was lucky enough not to become the BTK victim and definitely can say “I survived BTK.” Dennis Rader failed in April 1978. He had perfectly learned Anna`s schedule and decided to kill her. But after he entered her home he detected Ann was not at home. He waited for her for a couple of hours and left unsatisfied.


Location, Location, Location

The BTK very carefully chose the places of his crimes. Working as dog catcher for Park City, Kansas serial killer had an opportunity to ride around the city and look for the places for murder. When he was telling about the Oteros murder, he said that he chose this family because they had a corner house.


His Laziness Did Him In

In the BTK meaning only he could effect on his story. He decided to put it on a floppy disk and mailed it in order to get it out. One day he entered the Christ Lutheran Church and used its computer to print the documents from the floppy disk. The disk was embedded with the username of the writer – Dennis, and that’s how police identified him.


BTK’s Daughter

After the BTK was imprisoned by the authorities, his family refused any media requests. Only in 2014, his daughter Kerri decided to tell her opinion. She said Dennis Rader family didn’t know about his secret life and she feels guilty to be alive instead of the BTK`s victims.


The Oteros

The Otero family was the first victims of the BTK killer. In the January 1974, he killed Joseph, Julia, Josephine and Joseph Otero Jr. right in their house in Wichita, Kansas. He strangled the parents with a rope. Then he hung 11-year-old Josephine and strangled 9-year-old Joseph Otero Jr. by putting a plastic bag on his head.