Top 10 Things To Know About Rastafarian Beliefs

There are a lot of religions all over the world. But among them, there is one which possesses itself not a religion, but a philosophy. It is really interesting phenomenon, and we decided to understand its reason and to get more information about Rasta life. Rastafari used to tell very useful and logic things which other religions don’t accept. But actually, Rastafarianism isn’t a religion but a philosophy or even a style of life. Such things are very popular among stars. For example, Snoop Dog (who has called himself a Rasta lion) is a great fan of the Rastafarianism. This Jamaica philosophy-religion has both incredible (ital diet, self-body respect, people connection) and terrible (Halie Selassie I as a messiah) ideas. That’s why we put together Top 10 facts about the Rastafarianism for you to read and notice.


The Rastafarian Colors

It may be a sensation for someone, but there are actually four rasta colors (red, green, yellow and black) but not three (yellow, green, red). Every color symbolize something: yellow - the wealth of their homeland in Africa; red – a blood of past Rastafari; black - reference to the black people; green - abundant plant life of their homeland.


They Call Halie Selassie The Second Coming Of Christ

In the 1900s, Marcus Garvey predicted that Africa would have a new black king soon and he would be a messiah. After that, in a few years Haile Selassie I was crowned as a king of Ethiopia. Thinking the prediction coming true a lot if Rastafari said king Haile is the Messiah (actually he`s not).


Rastafarian Ital Diet

Sons of Jah have a specific Rastafarian diet called Ital. The main idea of such type of diet is to eat only a natural non-processed food. Different rastas have different components of their Ital: some eat fish, some eat only vegan food. But the main idea is to eat only natural goods.


Your Body Is A Temple

Rastafarians believe that your body seems to be your temple. It means you have to respect your body and help it to develop and live comfortable and happy life. You should keep a diet, eat only good food, not make any tattoos, and also let your hair grow and don’t cut it.


Don’t Call Them “Rastafarians”

Rastas actually don’t like when people called them Rastafarians. They have a philosophy that doesn’t recognize any system, and they think “ans” and “ism” are the symbols of the system which oppressed people. That`s why don’t call Rastafari a “Rastafarian” and remember about their philosophy.


Down With Babylon

As was previously said rejecting the “Babylon” system is one of the core ideas of the Rastafarianism. Rastafari movements began on Jamaica among the ancestors of the enslaved black population. This movement was started for the empowerment against the “Babylon” system in the society.


The Return To Africa

Rastafarian people have own vision of the paradise. They believe that in the end of the world Jah will come to Earth, take all the Rastafari and led them into the paradise to Ethiopia (this country is the heaven on earth. That`s why someday all the Rastafari will return to Africa.


Their Own Lyaric Dialect

Every rasta man knows their unusual dialect called Lyaric. Original Jamaican Creole (language on Jamaica) was transformed by the young people into a dialect. They try to emphasize the connection between all people and show the similarity of them confirming the philosophical idea of humanity`s unity.


Grounation Day

Believing in the son of Jah Rastafari really think King of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I was a messiah. In 1960 he decided to visit a Jamaica. Since his visit, the April 21 is one of the most important holy days for Rastafari because they were very happy with the messiah visit.


Not All Rastafarians Smoke Weed

There is a huge belief that all rastas smoke weed 24/7. But actually smoking ganja doesn’t have a central position in the Rastafarian religion. A lot of Rastafari decided not to smoke marijuana at all. Some of the people can be surprised with this information, but it is a holy truth.