Top 10 Ridiculously Huge Handguns

When you think of the most powerful handguns a colt 45 revolver may come to mind, but there are many big shots out there ready to take on anything that is in your way. These huge handguns are some of the most iconic. Some have been in movies, while some have made the evening news. Load up and take a look at these top 10 impressive guns.


Desert Eagle .45 Long Colt/ .410 Shotgun Load Pistol

This is the offspring of a shotgun and a handgun. This little baby can hold a regular .45 long colt pistol round or a .410 shotgun round. The classic colt 45 revolver has been around long enough for variations to be made think: the judge. Keep in mind that although it can shoot a .410 shotgun shell, if your target is more than fifteen feet away, you risk the spread of the shot expanding the width of a small 4 cylinder car, which can hit other unintended targets or miss yours altogether.


Desert Eagle .50 Calibre Handgun

What a unique gun. The Desert Eagle .50 cal. Is the biggest magazine-fed handgun on this planet. Although it was first developed for Israel's military, the .50 cal. Is an American made product. The projectiles rip through and shred any fleshy target and packs a pretty big wallop. This gun is a looker. With a sleek and modern design, it has become quite popular with folks in the underworld: thugs, young guns, and bosses. Although handgun calibers vary and Desert Eagle produces an array of other pistols, this fifty caliber handgun is the household name.

Pfeifer Zeliska 28mm Revolver

Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR Compensated Hunter

If it were up to a redneck, everything would be as big, bad, and fierce as these bad boys. The largest caliber rifle available today, the 460XVR can take out any animal on your list. If you're a beer drinking, backyard booze making, 4x4 crazy hunting enthusiast this 5 shot beat can take out a grizzly sitting on the other side of thick brush allowing the shooter a well deserved but short lived moment of honor.


Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum

If you think the 460XVR was a top handgun for the big dogs, then picture having an additional .04 calibers to the round's diameter. This means more powder into the bigger cartridge. From thirty yards you can obliterate any object, say, last Halloween’s pumpkins, or this summer's watermelon harvest. I mean obliterate in the literal sense, there will be nothing left of your target when using this animal.


50 Caliber Black Powder Wheel Lock Pistol

With a history longer than 200 years, the flintlock is a highly sought after collector’s item. The only way this weapon could ever be effective in self defense would be to beat in close quarters combat, hitting him repeatedly until he is knocked out. You only get one shot, and that isn't even a shot at all. It's a steel ball bearing packed with black powered, and your target better be within 10 yards or you just look like an idiot. The hammerlock pistols can't be blamed though, if these guys could talk after two and a half centuries of existence just think of the stories these guys could tell.


Colt 45-70 Peacemaker

The Duke. John Wayne’s weapon of choice. You can assume he chose the peacemaker because he is such a gentleman.

Magnum Research 45-70 Government Hand Cannon
WTS .50 BMG Pistol

Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum Revolver

The classic and majestic 44 magnum revolver, or simply the 44 mag has a large bore cartridge that was at one point made for only revolvers. As innovation and passion took over, gun enthusiasts have modified this piece and have adapted it to carbines and rifles. No wonder Dirty Harry never got into any serious trouble.