10 Craziest Cults

What to believe in and whom to believe? These are typical questions which, probably, each of you have once asked. Of course, we make the final decision and decide which religion to choose. However, our world has many sects and cults which can be called crazy and weird.

Well, what is a cult? This word describes people who have common ideas, rituals, beliefs. In this article, you will learn about top 10 cults which may shock you. Aliens, UFOs, nudity, racial distinctions, end of the world and lots of others are the most striking features of weird cults. Each of them has specific rules, values. And none of them are alike. The most unpleasant fact is that some of such unconventional religious views are negatively oriented. Several of them even caused deaths, shootings, terroristic acts. So, let's find out which of those unusual sects you should be afraid of and which are somehow funny.



A French car driver Claude Vorilhon founded a new religion which claims that super-intelligent aliens help humans to develop mentally. Aliens captured Claud and named him Raël. Religious cults include meditations and praise ideas about cloning people and euthanasia. They say that aliens will come to Earth in 2025. We'll see.


Ho No Hana Sanpogyo

Have you ever examined the shape of your toes? Well, if you were a follower of Ho No Hana Sanpogyo, you will pay attention to your feet. The founder of the religion states that correct examination of feet can show illnesses and people's traits. However, such types of cults are not free of charge.



These famous cults were created in 1902, and its primary values are fostering community living, anarchy, and nudity. The last one makes this cult quite inappropriate because they organize public demonstrations and wear no clothes during those manifestations. It is how they show opposition towards general values of modern society.


Aum Shinrikyo

Being one of the weirdest religions at the beginning, Aum turned into a serious, dangerous organization. Now it is even considered to be a terroristic community because of its responsibility for several attacks on trains in Tokyo. The leader of the sect Aum Shinrikyo was sentenced to hang for murders.


Movement For the Restoration of the 10 Commandments

The followers of the Movement believed in the strict observance to the 10 Commandments. They considered it as a means of avoiding the apocalypse which was anticipated to happen on the verge of two millenniums. As nothing happened, this Movement got in the list of cults which involved mass murders.


The Creativity Movement

Weird religions refer even to the question of racism. In 1973 The Creativity Movement was formed to unite all white people. Although the sect preached healthy lifestyle, their major value was connected with dominance over people of other races. Such viewpoints are related to what you may know as Neo-Nazi.


Order Of The Solar Temple

What is a sect called Order of The Solar Temple? It was an ordinary grouping of people who have their beliefs such as life after deaths. However, soon this peaceful religion turned into massive suicides of its followers and massive shootings. One of the believers even was sacrificed because he was called the Antichrist.


Chen Tao

Sometimes science makes people crazy. A former professor founded a religious sect Chen Tao claiming that God would show up on TV in North America. Nothing happened but the founder continues to make new predictions. He also claims that people have three souls and that the world is created thanks to the nuclear war.


John Frum

One of the central cult names is a man called John Frum, although nobody is sure whether this person existed. He made strange prophecies such as the cataclysmal end of the world. The inhabitants of the island of Tanna, where the cult was founded, waited for John Frum who had to bring new gold.


Aetherius Society

This religion shows what may happen with a taxi driver if he takes up yoga. This taxi driver George King created new crazy religions which state that all planets of the Solar system are alive, and Saturn controls the life on Earth. Believers spend lots of time praying and charging our Earth with positive aura.