Top 10 Horrifying Facts about Flakka: The Zombie Drug

Drug abuse is a prolific problem in today’s society. Many countries are finding it problematic to control the effects that it has on their nations. Smuggling has increased and has become even more innovative due to technological advancements. However, on the other hand, these drugs have also become more and more devastating in their effects on their victims. They can have people commit suicide, become lazy and/or violent as well as commit any number of crimes. Then there are those that alter the minds and physical responses of people. One such drug is the flakka drug, which is also called ‘zombie drug.'

It is a bath salt, which people have taken to sniff and then they fall into violent rages that will make your typical horror movies look tame. Many have seen their friends, loved ones under the control of this drug, and have even videotaped the responses to prove its effects.


It Hasn’t Gone Away

If you examine the United States alone, you would think the drug flakka is under control or disappeared. Maybe for Florida, but some States are seeing evidence of a comeback. Nevertheless, the distributors have simply redirected it to other countries like Brazil. Saudi Arabia, Australia, Malta, Scotland, Turkey, and Canada have seen this drug turn up in people’s bloodstream.


It Has Made People Kill is

Is flakka real? Yes, some users have been guilty of murder and killed innocent people. Leroy Strothers made the mistake of taking the ‘zombie drug’s; it caused him to climb up on his roof naked and to shoot his neighbors. Derren Morrison killed an old woman because he thought she was a demon.


It Is Ten Times Stronger Than Cocaine

The drug is easily accessible and cheap too. This makes the ‘zombie drug’ very dangerous, but added to that it has a potency ten times as much as cocaine. People can easily overdose on it. It causes erratic heartbeats, cramps, spasms or muscle fiber damage and even strokes.


It Can Stop You from Feeling Pain

Flakka drug can stop you from feeling pain, which is an essential element of our genetic makeup to protect us. One man got a got shot to his head, yet it did not even phase him. Certainly, those at the hospital at the time thought he was possessed.


It Created a Pandemic of Dangerous, Paranoid Streakers

The flakka drug caused many instances of Paranoid Streakers in 2017, especially in Florida. Police officers have bizarre experiences. One being of a man shouting that he was the God of Thunder while molesting a tree. He later turned on the officer and tried to arm him with his police badge.


Flakka Users Have Attacked Police Officers

Violence is a common occurrence with flakka ‘zombie drug’ users. They do weird exploits like trying to break into the prison and abusing police officers. A man got his buttocks impaled when he tried climbing fences to get into prison. The fence was 10 feet high. Another rammed a police officer’s vehicle and another used the vehicle to try literally visiting his friends in jail.


It Gives Users Super Strength

As if the violence was not enough, the drug flakka makes people seem superhuman in strength. They get so amped up on adrenaline. One such man is James West of Fort Lauderdale, who believed 25 cars were chasing him. He almost succeeded in damaging their hurricane proof door with his feet and rocks.


It Makes People Suicidal

Flakka drug is both a danger to themselves and the wider society. It increases the feeling of suicide and depression. Many have taken their own lives because of it. They become paranoid, hallucinate and take their lives to escape whatever is chasing them. One man, John Hummel Jr., hung himself in a hotel closet.


You Can Order It Online

The flakka drug in 2017 used to be easily accessed online. Many people bought it from any of the over one hundred e-stores online. The USA was the first to prohibit the drug followed by China; however, that is where the limits stop. New York Times discovered that seller’s prices depended on whether you wanted to get access legally or illegally.


It Makes People Move Like Zombies

You might be wondering is flakka real and the answer is a resounding yes. This mind-altering agent has the power to causes violent twitches and contortions in the person’s body. It degenerates the muscle fiber in that individual at a rapid rate and triggers severe adrenaline levels for flight or fight responses.