Top 10 Creepy and Obscure Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries usually leave us wondering ‘what happened’ and ‘who done it’. They are often the progenitor of conspiracy theories, but when solved they are the result of some simple elucidations. Nonetheless, below you will note several that have kept people guessing for many years and still go unsolved. They range from murders, mysterious lights, to ghost stories in graveyards, haunted houses and missing people including diplomats. There is the story of UFOs and aliens, missing gold mines, giant monsters and wrongful death.

The ten creepy unsolved mysteries below represent the hundreds that exist all over the world, from North America to Europe. They still keep many people fascinated with their occurrence. Some of them have been witnessed by a one, a few or scores of people. Still scientists have not been able to provide substantial proof as to what were their causes.


The Disappearance of Benjamin Bathurst

A young and upcoming diplomat was said to be killed around 1809 in Austria. Benjamin Bathurst’s disappearance is one of the known unsolved mysteries around the time of Napoleon’s war. His German aide said he disappeared after leaving an inn in Perleberg. Search parties were sent out by his wife from England, but only pieces of his clothing were discovered.


The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui

This is another of the creepy unsolved mysteries. It is like the Lockness Monster or Big Foot mysteries. However, this one occurs in Scotland at Cairngorm Mountains and the legend originated about 1889. The source of this Ben MacDhui mystery was a Professor Norman Collie, who actually did not see it, but claimed he heard periodic steps.


The Hessdalen Lights

Ever since 1811, people have been claiming this unsolved mystery existed in Hessdalen Valley, Norway. Over 100 years later, more than 20 reports were taken each week of people seeing the Hessdalen lights. They claim to see yellowish or white lights hovering above the ground. Scientists have not been able to prove the cause of this phenomenon.


The Great Amherst Mystery

In Nova Scotia, Canada they have their own ghost mysteries. The house of Esther Cox was haunted after she returned from her sister’s place. She escaped a near death incident by her psychotic friend. Her accounts of being attacked by poltergeists were backed up by paranormal investigator Walter Hubbell, which he shared in his book.


The Murder of Geli Raubal

This unsolved mystery surrounds Adolf Hitler. He had a young niece, Angela “Geli” Raubal, who many speculated that he was sleeping with and because she threatened to leave him and engage someone else, she suffered an untimely death. The official report was that it was suicide, but injuries on her body suggested otherwise.


The Lost Sublett Mine

Ben Sublett proclaimed to have a mine that would be worth millions. However, despite him going to the local tavern with gold nuggets, his mine was never proven true. This is one of those creepy unsolved mysteries because only a small hole, no bigger than a man is said to exist were he claimed the mine to be.


The Aurora Incident

One of our other mysteries occurred in Texas. Northwest of Dallas is the town of Aurora. Around April 1897, a UFO is said to have crashed killing an alien. His body was buried at the cemetery but no one knew where or could prove it true, especially since the headstone was stolen around the 1970s.


The Black Mausoleum

Here is an example of many cases of weird supernatural occurrences, with people fainting and suffering different reactions. This is one of those creepy unsolved mysteries, which involves Sir George Mackenzie. He killed hundreds of people and when he died, he was buried at Scotland’s Edinburgh ‘Black Mausoleum’. Visitors since 1999 are experiencing cold spots and seeing ghosts.


The Hornet Spook Light

Another of the unsolved mysteries is the Hornet Spook Light of northeast Oklahoma. It was seen bobbing along the ‘Trail of Tears’, travelled by Native Indians. Scientists have attributed the lights to automobile lights, but many disagree because those did not exist hundreds of years before. Some have said it is just will-o’-the-wisps.


The Murder of Julia Wallace

The first in our list of mysteries happened in Liverpool, England, where a homemaker was killed around January 1931. Her husband stated that they received a mysterious message the day before, so he went out to meet with the person, but no such address existed. When he returned home, his wife was beaten to death. Police eventually charged him for her murder, on circumstantial evidence. The court found him not guilty.