Best Guy Tattoos You Should Get

A tattoo is a form of body modification, where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment.


Pinup Girl (tattoo)

These men’s tattoos have an immense historic background and influence. Back from Betty Grable during the World War II, pinup girls were a part of the American culture. Men choose their pin-up girl tattoo based on the women of dreams, or even wives and girlfriends, portraying them with more sexuality or innocence.

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This belongs in "The Onion" or something... Here's hoping no naive officially-adult-but-still-dumb-kids take it seriously. I have ten tats. This drivel is a list of the lamest/most overdone/tackiest/least interesting & unimaginative available (except tribal, pinup girls done well, or maybe skulls done really well - and all shown are mediocre at best). Faking meaning makes them particularly pathetic. Inking a lover's name is often the kiss of death for relationships, and cover-ups more limited and expensive than just getting something that means something and looks good from the start. Japanese/Chinese characters (and Latin, for that matter) are often mistranslated, whether intentionally or not. Wouldn't it be GREAT to have "Western Idiot" (or "Cheap & Tasty" or worse) permanently and prominently displayed in your skin?


Bluebirds (tattoo)

One of the popular yet more artistic tattoo ideas for men. Throughout the world it is a symbol that represents, and allegedly brings luck. In history and mythology the blue color was associated with sky, meaning calmness and clarity as well as happiness. The bluebird also represents confidence, becoming a perfect match for a man.

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Shouldn't this post have been titled "Top 10 Guy Tattoos You Should Get... If You Are An Aspiring Douchebag?" This is simply an illustrated list of ten popular trends in tattoo art... most of which have fallen from popularity. Tribal art? Kanji? Dragons? Girlfriend's name? I mean, come on! Tribal art = overplayed and ruined by frat boys and UFC wannabe's. Kanji = overplayed and ruined by frat boys and rice racers. Dragons = overplayed and ruined by whoever designs the clothes for Wal-mart and Hot Topic, as well as by those kids who dream of being ninjas and carry martial arts weapons in public. Girlfriend's name = ruined by an increased risk of break-up... to the point that the article that encourages getting one warns the readers about it. Here, let me create a follow-up article: here are 10 girl tattoos she should get: 1) tramp stamp 2) rose/dolphin/unicorn/stars on her ankle, 3) some bullshit phrase with so many loops in the font it's nearly impossible to read, 4) the name of her loser meth-smoking boyfriend, 5) something adorably cute, 6) a 4-leaf clover for the Irish girls, 7) some tribal bullshit that has no meaning to any tribe, 8) anything wrapped in thorns, barbed wire, etc., 9) something that vaguely looks like her child(ren), if her children were mentally disfigured, 10) any of those basement tattoos (to get at age 15 from a friend who is "really good" and practicing to later open his own shop), preferably splotchy, seeping, and completely green within a year.


Cross (tattoo)

Crosses were always popular tattoo designs for men ever since this body art has established. The cross has a huge historic background and symbolism. While obviously being a powerful religious sign and a match for people with faith, it also represents courage, strength, peace, honor, and unwillingness to give up what is yours by right.

all you guys are so mean! i have four tattoos and i love every one of them. i plan on getting more very soon. we don't care what you think about them, or at least i don't, because that would go completely against why we even get tats. i didn't get tats to make you like me or think they were pretty.i got them for me. love them hate them WHATEVER! haha. you do your thing, i'll do my thing and we'll all be shiny, happy people!!

Getting Kanji tattooed without personally understanding the meaning behind it is kinda stupid. there's too much potential to end up looking like a twat just picking a cool looking one out of a book, but having a rediculously stupid meaning.

this list hurt my brain. All the tattoos on the list will make you look like you put little thought or effort into choosing your tattoo, not to mention in the tattoo community your looked upon as a douchbag with a tribal, dragon, or chinese symbol.


Nautical Star

These stars are very popular men's tattoos. Originating from the allegiance to the US navy or army, it grew over it and developed a number of meanings. Some people wear them to attract luck, others sign them with their kids’ names. It still has the original meaning of bravery and loyalty to the free country.

This list should be re-tittled the top 10 tattoos to NOT get

Don''t get a tattoo of your girlfriend/boyfriend trust me.

Yeah that's true i was just about to get one and she disappointed me



These are rather older tattoo ideas for men but still, hold their charm. Tribal tattoos are a step back to the prehistoric times of survival of the fittest and strength to protect those you love. Tribal tattoo for some is a connection to the ancestors and their spirits. And Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has it!

this list should be called 10 tattoos you should get if you want to be a boring unoriginal douche bag. seriously, who writes this crap?

This list should really be retitled "What to Get As a Tattoo if You Want your Artist to Facepalm"

Why you on a tattoo site you prick if the best idea is to get none


Japanese/Chinese Characters

Foreign and somewhat exotic characters occupy a big part of tattoo designs for men. They look sick and their meaning is known only to you and the people who can understand the characters. Just make sure you know what your characters mean to avoid some embarrassing situations.

your a lamo! ALL these tattoos are cheesy hipster tatts with no meaning. Anyone with a nautical star tattoo is retarded. It is like having a trampstamp of a butterfly! Almost every tattoo I have seen is corny and bears no meaning whatsoever other than saying "im really self absorbed wouldn't I look like a badass with a tatt" just get an affliction tshirt at least when you outgrow the trashy phase you can donate the shirt or use it as a rag! Oh yah it does make you a POSER. go ride your fixie and wear your wayfayrers dorks so I can pick you out in a crowd and laugh at your "trying so hard to be different asses"

A butterfly CAN be meaningful; after all they are a symbol of rebirth, change, etc, but yeah, most people who get a butterfly tattoo just got it "bcuz it wuz purty".

There's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo simply because you like the design. It's nice to have a meaning, sure, but the main reason (I think) tattoos are so awesome is because they add something to the body. That being said, this list reeks of sarcasm.


Heart with Mom

Expressing love for the most important women in our lives has alway been among dominant tattoo ideas for men. Mother has a permanent place in the heart and it is reasonable to portray it on the body as a proof of love and a reminder that there is a person that will back you up.

Well lets take a look, if you aren't asian or have asian ancestry you probably have no right getting a tattoo with asian words. Same with tribal "excuse me may I ask Mr. White guy, what tribe are you in". I for one will be getting celtic symbols tattoo'd, but that is because my family is Irish and can trace our roots back to the celts.

i have chinese on my arm. it means cat spring roll. i confirmed this with 4 different people before getting it.

Dude I'm with you, nothing looks more fuk stupid than some milk skinned, skinny white boy with some dumb ass chineese or tribal tat. Oh yea , fags hould be tattooed across the face so normal people know not to get too close to the aids spreading, walking dead.


Girlfriend’s Name

One of the popular tattoo designs for men, they bear a number of meanings. It expresses the feeling of love and devotion to the person. It should be done when the person seems like being forever with you and making a tattoo of her name is the perfect statement that things are serious.

Why would a gay person get the cross? It would make more sense if a person who believes in the crucifixion of Jesus got that particular tattoo, would it not? Do you perhaps mean a happy person would want it, or a woman called Gay? Wtf is wrong with you? Choose another word - "cross: if you are": boring, religious, cliched, a bogan, a desperate sinner trying to prove to god that you truly repent, have more skin than you know what to do with, have no imagination. Why choose gay when you could choose from so many far better words, words that would actually be better suited to what you're (ineffectually) trying to say. Get a dictionary, moron.

i agree. this is a list of 'the lamest, most stereotypical tattoos'. i have 11 myself as a female and i can tell you that you should never be inspired to get tattoos from a top ten list. especially this one....Are you going to write tattoos females should get and list tramp stamps, suns around belly buttons and barbed wire armbands? Pshhh

Just a headsup, the example of the "3rd best tatoo" above is grammatically laughable. Fluent Chinese speaker and capable Japanese speaker.


The Skull (tattoo)

One of the most badass-looking men’s tattoos. The design is quite old but the popularity never faded away. The skulls are designed in different ways, either mocking the death and danger, making clear that fear is not an option or paying the respect to the death or those who have been lost.

these all suck there is soo much better tattos

it's like you explain why people should get a swallow (if they sail 5000+ miles) and then advocate getting one if you are a hipster douche who only sails through non-fat soy frappechinos from Starbucks. I'm going to pull out a cliche, but since this entire article is a collection of them I think I'm on safe ground..... Worst. Article. Ever.

Umm, I just read on like ten other sites that these are the tattoos everyone should avoid at all costs. Minus the cross. Crosses are cool if they have religious significance. But the rest of those are pretty dumb.


Dragon (tattoo)

Dragons often overwhelm the tattoo ideas for men. In Eastern mythology, the dragon was a creature of honor, nobility, and strength. Wearing such tattoo represents courage and respect for honesty and go-getting. While worn by both genders, male dragons are designed more brutally and with greater power to grasp the essence of a man.

hate for gays is also only in the old testament... but that one's ok, right? pick and choose.

I'm pretty sure the OT still applies to Christians. "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven."

However this is in the old testament and applies aptly to the Jewish culture, rather than that of the Christian beliefs. The reason for this passage in the old testament is that in which tattoos were associated with pagans and witchcraft, much like eating non-kosher meat, or growing out facial hair. The real question is whether tattoos are still associated with pagan?