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These are rather older tattoo ideas for men but still, hold their charm. Tribal tattoos are a step back to the prehistoric times of survival of the fittest and strength to protect those you love. Tribal tattoo for some is a connection to the ancestors and their spirits. And Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has it!


this list should be called 10 tattoos you should get if you want to be a boring unoriginal douche bag. seriously, who writes this crap?

This list should really be retitled "What to Get As a Tattoo if You Want your Artist to Facepalm"

Geez, some people sure do get pissy about tattoos. If you don't want tattoos or piercings, then here's an idea - don't get them. To whine about being shunned by society for not getting ink is ridiculous. Trust me, no one gives a rats ass if you're not tattooed, and if they do, then they clearly have bigger problems. As someone who does have tattoos though, I get sick of the sort of people who think it makes them cool to mock someones choice of tattoo, or feel the overwhelming urge to say something "witty" (and I use that term very loosely) about peoples tattoo choices to big-note themselves. This may be breaking news to some people, but as has been mentioned, tattoos DO NOT have to have some deep personal meaning. If there is something personal that you want to represent then that's great, but it is perfectly fine to get a particular design just because you like it and/or what it looks like. I have three at the moment, and two have meaning while one just looks cool. I have two Chinese symbols on my left ankle which means "courage" which I got after surviving a particularly tough period in my life; a triquetra symbol on one wrist which represents the meeting of, and need to balance, the three planes of existence (body, mind and spirit). It is important and meaningful to me because I battle depression and OCD and as such it is a constant reminder to not neglect my mental health. On the other wrist I have an X with a circle around it, mainly just because it looks cool. At the start I tried to make up some sort of meaningful-sounding reason behind it, but now I just tell people that I got it because I like it. I have two more planned - a meaningful quote on my left arm, and a tribal sleeve/back-piece which means nothing too me, but looks awesome. If anyone wants to mock me for any or all of my tattoos, then I feel sorry for them, because they must be pretty sad and pathetic if they have nothing better to do than worry about what pictures I put on my body.

your a lamo! ALL these tattoos are cheesy hipster tatts with no meaning. Anyone with a nautical star tattoo is retarded. It is like having a trampstamp of a butterfly! Almost every tattoo I have seen is corny and bears no meaning whatsoever other than saying "im really self absorbed wouldn't I look like a badass with a tatt" just get an affliction tshirt at least when you outgrow the trashy phase you can donate the shirt or use it as a rag! Oh yah it does make you a POSER. go ride your fixie and wear your wayfayrers dorks so I can pick you out in a crowd and laugh at your "trying so hard to be different asses"

A butterfly CAN be meaningful; after all they are a symbol of rebirth, change, etc, but yeah, most people who get a butterfly tattoo just got it "bcuz it wuz purty".

There's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo simply because you like the design. It's nice to have a meaning, sure, but the main reason (I think) tattoos are so awesome is because they add something to the body. That being said, this list reeks of sarcasm.

Why you on a tattoo site you prick if the best idea is to get none

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