Pinup Girl (tattoo) from Best Guy Tattoos You Should Get

Pinup Girl (tattoo) 1 100x100

These men’s tattoos have an immense historic background and influence. Back from Betty Grable during the World War II, pinup girls were a part of the American culture. Men choose their pin-up girl tattoo based on the women of dreams, or even wives and girlfriends, portraying them with more sexuality or innocence.


How did you know?! It is hard to be this extremely good looking in this cold world. I'm glad that there are still sensitive pople in this world who can appreciate how really, really, really, extremely good looking I am.

What?????? How stupid are you. Firstly you obviously don't understand sarcasm, secondly, why must it have been a 'homo'? What the hell does being homosexual have to do with a list you don't seem to understand. My guess is you're just a fucking moron. Homo is NOT an insult you wanker. Why don't you, and all the other turds like you, get over your preoccupation with secretly wanting to have gay sex, and start using more appropriate words when you want to be cool. There are plenty of other insults you could use, you'll notice i just used a bunch and not one of them had anything to do with sexuality, class, gender or race. Get a fucking dictionary, dickhead.

This belongs in "The Onion" or something... Here's hoping no naive officially-adult-but-still-dumb-kids take it seriously. I have ten tats. This drivel is a list of the lamest/most overdone/tackiest/least interesting & unimaginative available (except tribal, pinup girls done well, or maybe skulls done really well - and all shown are mediocre at best). Faking meaning makes them particularly pathetic. Inking a lover's name is often the kiss of death for relationships, and cover-ups more limited and expensive than just getting something that means something and looks good from the start. Japanese/Chinese characters (and Latin, for that matter) are often mistranslated, whether intentionally or not. Wouldn't it be GREAT to have "Western Idiot" (or "Cheap & Tasty" or worse) permanently and prominently displayed in your skin?

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