Nautical Star from Best Guy Tattoos You Should Get

Nautical Star 1 100x100

These stars are very popular men's tattoos. Originating from the allegiance to the US navy or army, it grew over it and developed a number of meanings. Some people wear them to attract luck, others sign them with their kids’ names. It still has the original meaning of bravery and loyalty to the free country.


This list should be re-tittled the top 10 tattoos to NOT get

Don''t get a tattoo of your girlfriend/boyfriend trust me.

Yeah that's true i was just about to get one and she disappointed me

A tattoo is very personal. Some of these were ok, but many are just following the crowd. Find an artist who you respect and listen to their exoerience and comments about what's possible and looks good. Get an idea, but "find your own voice" when it comes to getting one.

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