Top 10 Serial Killers of All Time

In every coutry killing is considered the most serious crime. That's because it's in human nature to value the life of a human being more than anything else in this world. Through the history we could see many serial killers spreading fear among the people after every new victim. Although we sometimes secretly admire their skills,we lok at them as the heartless monsters who can't see the life as a sanctity. Here's the list of the most ipressive serial killers of all times.


Theodore Bundy

Known as: The Poster Boy of Serial Killers Murders: 36 Ted really was a poster boy. He was really good-looking and intelligent. In college, he fell in love. He loved her so much that he wanted to marry her. But she felt that he wasn't the right guy for her. A separation changed everything in Ted’s life forever. Ted felt extreme anger against all the women in the world. After committed 36 murders, he was executed in the electric chair.

Pedro Alonso Lopez 'got set free while he killed more then ted bundy wth


Pedro Alonso Lopez

Known as: Monster of the Andes Murders: more than 300 One of the most monstrous serial killers that ever lived. Lopez (Monster of the Andes) mutilated, raped and killed enough people to fill a small town. After killing more than 300 girls in South America he was finally caught in 1980. Eighteen years later he was released for “good behavior”. Is he dead or alive, to this day no one knows.

the fact that they released him is scary asf he shouldve gotten death sentence wth is wrong with him


Jack The Ripper

Name: uknown Murders: 5 Known as: Jack the ripper Jack the Ripper might be famous, but he is still nameless. His personal identity has never been discovered. Attacks ascribed to the Ripper typically involved female prostitutes whose throats were cut prior to abdominal mutilations. A letter supposedly deliver to the press from the killer ignited a press frenzy around the image of Jack the Ripper.

he was never caught or even see


Zodiac killer

Name: uknown Murders: 37 His victims were murdered via stabbings and shootings. Various scenarios were joined because of the Zodiac letters sent to newspapers. The letters included unusual symbols, many of which remain unsolved. For example “Me=37 ; SFPD=0” This means he killed 37 person's, and no points for the police. We still do not know who the Zodiac was.


Elizabeth Bathory

Known as: Blood Countess Murders: around 80 Take a look at probably the worst female serial killers ever known, even if a few hundreds of years happened. Victims was treated to torture, maiming, and beatings. Her accomplices were executed, and she got house arrest. Elizabeth was found dead on August 1614.

i guess she was part of the monarchy


John Wayne Gacy

Known as: The killer clown Murders: more than 29 Clowns bring a smile to the faces. Yes but not this one, he brought terror, instead. He was one of the most killers in the history of America. By day he loved to entertain children as Pogo the Clown. But at night his character was completely changed. This deeply disturbed psychopath and a murderer of young children was finally caught when his last victim escapes after a night of horrendous torture. Police found 29 bodies in his house. In 1994, he was executed.


Gilles de Rais

Known as: Gilles de Rais Murders: 80 to 600 Gilles de Rais was a military captain. He was convicted of raping and killing hundreds of young children, mainly young boys with blond hair and blue eyes. He tortured and mutilated the poor kids. Most of the time, he would ejaculate over the body of the dying victim. Most of the bodies were burnt or buried and the exact number of his victims is still unknown.


Gary Leon Ridgeway

Known as: Green River Killer Murders: 71 Ridgeway would later become known as the “Green River Killer” for his killing spree throughout the 1980s which will result in him becoming one of the most prolific serial killers in history of American. He would kidnap prostitutes and murder them after sexually attacking them. Ridgeway later said that murdering young women was his “career”.


Mary Ann Cotton

Known as: Black widow Murders: 21 Mary, proffered to kill husbands, lovers, or those in her way. Her victims were mainly poisoned. Mary Ann Cotton was hanged at Durham County Gaol on 24 March, 1873.


Andrei Chikatilo

Butcher of Rostov was a Ukranian murderer found guilty of the murder of 53 kids and women in a span of twelve years. He used alcohol and cash to attract woman prostitutes and toys and candies to lure kids of both sexes. And then, they would go to a woods and it would be the place for accomplishing his sick needs. He was found guilty of fifty-two murders and sentenced to death.