Best Fidget Spinner

A fidget spinner is a type of stress-relieving toy. A basic fidget spinner consists of a bearing in the center of a design made from any of a variety of materials including brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper and plastic. The toy has been advertised as helping people who have trouble with focusing or fidgeting (such as those with ADHD, autism, or anxiety) by acting as a release mechanism for nervous energy or psychological stress. Experts were divided on this claim, with some supporting it while others disputed its scientific basis and argued the toy may actually be more distracting.


Bokate Crusader

Bokate Crusader is a representative of fidget toys of a high quality. Small pocket size, sturdy and reliable material and simplified build structure result in very high speed. Despite that, the sound is kept to a minimum. The spinner is decorated with extravagant crosses at the sides and the company logo in the middle.

Just get a rubiks cube, those are great to kill some time and it promotes some sort of thought rather than simply spinning something.

People that would want a Fidget Spinner don't have the mental capacity to solve a rubiks cube

Don't buy the gorilla spinner. They advertise 2+ minutes of spin time, ordered it for my girlfriends son and it won't spin for longer than 70 seconds. It looks cool, but you can get much better spinners for cheaper.



Called by some the best fidget spinner because of its design, material and color pattern. It clearly resembles the Torqbar spinners and is attractive due to the affordable price. It does not require oil, maintenance or other manipulation to start working. Capable of up to 3 minutes of spinning.

im a high school teachers and we went on vacation last week, the kids saw a stand where they sell them, they all bought one and they kept spinning these things for all the weekend

I don't get the point of them. What are they supposed to do?

The only good Fidget Spinner is a dead Fidget Spinner


Labvon Fidget Spinner

A metallic hand spinner. Designed in a smooth manner with bright colors to complement the look. A stainless steel bearing is positioned in the middle providing faster and smoother rotation while emitting almost no noise, becoming a discreet toy. The build allows to spin it for up to 5 minutes at one go.

I still can't believe people think this shit is 'trendy'. For those who actually don't need it, it's worrying that their attention spans are so short as a result of wanting to follow the crowd. What a joke.

These are great for kids with autism and those sensitive to the sensation of these devices. I foster a child with Down Syndrome. I don't know why regular kids are buying them. They're no different to any toy you can find in a disabilities shop.

Your Lucky you don't do the classic method of: "Just smack them up side the head. and tell them to shut up.".


D-JOY Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy

One of the classic fidget toys, it comes in many color schemes and almost any pattern is available. Affordable price only highlights the pros of this toy. The center is completed with a ceramic ball which provides the required stabilization and smoothness. Steel 608 bearings balance the counterweight resulting in longer spin time.

I teach in a Jr. High and I have banned these fidget toys/spinners from my classroom. Everyone has one and I have yet to see a single one of my students use his/her new toy as a means to stay focused in class. I confiscate them on site now.

Good for you man. Nothing wrong with taking away distractions from the classroom

I saw a bunch of kids with these yesterday for the first time at the airport....never have I wanted to slap something out of someone's hand so badly. Is it really so hard to just not do shit for a minute?


Gorilla Spinners

These fidget toys are of premium class and are famous for their unique design. R188 steel bearing in the middle provides smooth rotation than ceramic 608. Six metal balls are the counterweight and a crucial design decision. Large color variety is also in place for more custom experience.

I, for one, can see the appeal in these and the cubes. I can also see why teachers or other students might be distracted. Unfortunately, the response seems to be "just take them away." When I was a kid, I fidgeted with my pen, eraser, pencil, whatever I had. I once cut up the upholstery in my parent's car at a very young age, not even thinking about what I was doing. Of course, my teachers always just assumed I was distracted and lazy, and I never saw a doctor for this behavior. This was in the late nineties, by the way. Even to this day, in college, I fidget with my pen, though I've taught myself to not click it any more than two or three times, once I catch myself. People need to stop looking at the cubes and spinners as toys and adjust to work around them. Like the OP says, there may not be evidence that suggests that they are therapeutic, but what I can say, personally as an early adopter of the cube, is that they reduce the pressure that some of us feel when we're not using our hands. Young students with attention/anxiety disorders or issues need to be accommodated instead of being tossed aside as an annoyance.

Personally my favorite spinner is Reily Ried but that's just me.

When we were bored in school we spun pens with our hands. Some of the guys I know got pretty good and made money off of doing tricks with them. Lucky bastards.


12-Sided Fidget

Rather not classic fidget spinner, but a complex of toys on one 12-sided cube to relieve stress and give your fingers something to play with. Coming in different shapes and colors it allows you to do anything with it, press the buttons, click, squish, smack depending on the side of the dice.

Having something to fidget with takes your mind off of whatever it is that is causing the anxiety. Does it work for everyone? Most likely it does not but try it. I feel it does have a certain calming effect. And the ellipsis was used correctly. You can use it to indicate silence...which is what I did.

How on earth can these be dangerous? And, before you answer, throwing it at someone, setting them on fire, forcing them to reach terminal velocity, or anything else of that matter does not count. None of those are within the specs of the toy. If people go out of their way to do something stupid with them, that is 100% their problem and 0% the toy maker's problem. You can't cure stupidity. Especially not by hiding things that could be considered "dangerous" from people. Because, by that logic, you'd have to say practically everything else should be scrutinized for being too dangerous. Including your yo-yo. In fact, I'd say that a yo-yo is significantly more dangerous than a spinner simply because there is a learning curve when it comes to using a yo-yo, and newbies are likely to whip it around and clock someone in the face with it.

Ha ha, I guess I hit a nerve. It's ok, you've got your toy to calm yourself down. The second mark for the definition is added as accepted grammatical usage. You can have it, even though you know it means the omission of words. If you dig enough, you can find whatever you want. Even stupid words like this:


Oliasports 6-Sided Fidget Toy

Inspired by traditional worry stones, this won’t be your best fidget spinner. On the contrary, it will provide a number of activities to do for your fingers if you can’t keep them still. Each side contains a small switch, ball, buttons etc. so you can squish, press, roll and all that fun stuff you do.

How do they help with autistic people? I genuinely want to know

It can be used a "sensory toy". Most schools have lots of things like this depending on what works for students

My son has mild autism and I got him one of these to see if it could curb his stimming. Worked pretty well, but lo and behold now they are used by douchebags trying to be trendy. I suppose its a good thing as now he is a trendsetter among his peers, but i still don't understand the allure of using one of these. Funny as fuck because I had to special order one and I walked into a gas station and found a shitload sitting on a shelf by the register.


Classic Red Spinner

Made from the environmental material, this hand spinner is now considered to be the old school. Nothing extra in design, only the logo, and gorgeous red color do the job. It contains fully ceramic bearing and is not that easy to break. Reliability is prioritized, therefore this toy spins smoothly for up to 5 minutes.

If you aren't mentally handicapped you'll prolly find them stupid and boring. Try a yo-yo instead.

Very cool. Looking forward to hearing about the best diapers and binkies, as well.

The best fidget spinner. I don't know if I'm ready. I mean I like cars but I wouldn't just go out and buy a lamborghini. What if I just want to dip my toesies in the fidget spinner pool. You know like one that promises to spin for a moderate amount of time and is somewhat impressive without garnering too much attention.


KCHKUI Fidget Cube

This one is different from fidget spinner, being, in fact, a cube with 6 sides. Besides the shape and cool-looking color schemes, it is a mix of all possible activities for the fingers. Each side has a button, switch or something else that substitutes a number of things you use to keep your fingers happy and occupied.

I'm a teacher and these things cause more problems in a classroom than they pretend to fix

Is twirling a pencil not good enough for these motherfuckers? Enough mental disorders exist we shouldn't invent new ones that can only be cured by fidget spinners.

Teachers can curse just like anyone else can. Just be professional at work like everyone else should be.


Atesson Tri-Spinner Ultra

Often cited as the best fidget spinner judging by its design and high speed and rotation time. Comes in a unique shape that differs from basic spinner layout which results in longevity of the spinning with up to 10 minutes claimed to be the top mark. Classy chameleon color scheme also adds to a great look.

I went to the local comic store to buy some Heroclix last week. The owner who I know pretty well says to me "tell everyone we have spinners of all kinds". After we left the store I said to my brother "I have no clue what spinners are"... I'm always behind what the kids are doing.

Those fidget cubes are knock offs. The legit one is made by Antsy Labs and there's a big difference between the knocks off and the real thing.

I don't understand these kinds of things. Why, I can spend all day just playing with myself.