Atesson Tri-Spinner Ultra from Best Fidget Spinner

Atesson Tri-Spinner Ultra 1 100x100

Often cited as the best fidget spinner judging by its design and high speed and rotation time. Comes in a unique shape that differs from basic spinner layout which results in longevity of the spinning with up to 10 minutes claimed to be the top mark. Classy chameleon color scheme also adds to a great look.


I went to the local comic store to buy some Heroclix last week. The owner who I know pretty well says to me "tell everyone we have spinners of all kinds". After we left the store I said to my brother "I have no clue what spinners are"... I'm always behind what the kids are doing.

Those fidget cubes are knock offs. The legit one is made by Antsy Labs and there's a big difference between the knocks off and the real thing.

I don't understand these kinds of things. Why, I can spend all day just playing with myself.

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