Bokate Crusader from Best Fidget Spinner

Bokate Crusader 1 100x100

Bokate Crusader is a representative of fidget toys of a high quality. Small pocket size, sturdy and reliable material and simplified build structure result in very high speed. Despite that, the sound is kept to a minimum. The spinner is decorated with extravagant crosses at the sides and the company logo in the middle.


Just get a rubiks cube, those are great to kill some time and it promotes some sort of thought rather than simply spinning something.

People that would want a Fidget Spinner don't have the mental capacity to solve a rubiks cube

Don't buy the gorilla spinner. They advertise 2+ minutes of spin time, ordered it for my girlfriends son and it won't spin for longer than 70 seconds. It looks cool, but you can get much better spinners for cheaper.

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