Oliasports 6-Sided Fidget Toy from Best Fidget Spinner

Oliasports 6-Sided Fidget Toy 1 100x100

Inspired by traditional worry stones, this won’t be your best fidget spinner. On the contrary, it will provide a number of activities to do for your fingers if you can’t keep them still. Each side contains a small switch, ball, buttons etc. so you can squish, press, roll and all that fun stuff you do.


How do they help with autistic people? I genuinely want to know

It can be used a "sensory toy". Most schools have lots of things like this depending on what works for students

My son has mild autism and I got him one of these to see if it could curb his stimming. Worked pretty well, but lo and behold now they are used by douchebags trying to be trendy. I suppose its a good thing as now he is a trendsetter among his peers, but i still don't understand the allure of using one of these. Funny as fuck because I had to special order one and I walked into a gas station and found a shitload sitting on a shelf by the register.

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