12-Sided Fidget from Best Fidget Spinner

12-Sided Fidget 1 100x100

Rather not classic fidget spinner, but a complex of toys on one 12-sided cube to relieve stress and give your fingers something to play with. Coming in different shapes and colors it allows you to do anything with it, press the buttons, click, squish, smack depending on the side of the dice.


Having something to fidget with takes your mind off of whatever it is that is causing the anxiety. Does it work for everyone? Most likely it does not but try it. I feel it does have a certain calming effect. And the ellipsis was used correctly. You can use it to indicate silence...which is what I did.

How on earth can these be dangerous? And, before you answer, throwing it at someone, setting them on fire, forcing them to reach terminal velocity, or anything else of that matter does not count. None of those are within the specs of the toy. If people go out of their way to do something stupid with them, that is 100% their problem and 0% the toy maker's problem. You can't cure stupidity. Especially not by hiding things that could be considered "dangerous" from people. Because, by that logic, you'd have to say practically everything else should be scrutinized for being too dangerous. Including your yo-yo. In fact, I'd say that a yo-yo is significantly more dangerous than a spinner simply because there is a learning curve when it comes to using a yo-yo, and newbies are likely to whip it around and clock someone in the face with it.

Ha ha, I guess I hit a nerve. It's ok, you've got your toy to calm yourself down. The second mark for the definition is added as accepted grammatical usage. You can have it, even though you know it means the omission of words. If you dig enough, you can find whatever you want. Even stupid words like this:

i would never buy this crap. i still have my yo-yo's and a few wooden tops in my parents house but this toy is dangerous. also does anyone remember that toy who look like a boomerang it came in different colors that crap lasted only a couple of years.

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