KCHKUI Fidget Cube from Best Fidget Spinner

KCHKUI Fidget Cube 1 100x100

This one is different from fidget spinner, being, in fact, a cube with 6 sides. Besides the shape and cool-looking color schemes, it is a mix of all possible activities for the fingers. Each side has a button, switch or something else that substitutes a number of things you use to keep your fingers happy and occupied.


I'm a teacher and these things cause more problems in a classroom than they pretend to fix

Is twirling a pencil not good enough for these motherfuckers? Enough mental disorders exist we shouldn't invent new ones that can only be cured by fidget spinners.

Teachers can curse just like anyone else can. Just be professional at work like everyone else should be.

It would blow your mind to hear the foul language used in the faculty rooms. It's pretty awesome. Just have to act professional around students and be a huge hypocrite.

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