Labvon Fidget Spinner from Best Fidget Spinner

Labvon Fidget Spinner 1 100x100

A metallic hand spinner. Designed in a smooth manner with bright colors to complement the look. A stainless steel bearing is positioned in the middle providing faster and smoother rotation while emitting almost no noise, becoming a discreet toy. The build allows to spin it for up to 5 minutes at one go.


I still can't believe people think this shit is 'trendy'. For those who actually don't need it, it's worrying that their attention spans are so short as a result of wanting to follow the crowd. What a joke.

These are great for kids with autism and those sensitive to the sensation of these devices. I foster a child with Down Syndrome. I don't know why regular kids are buying them. They're no different to any toy you can find in a disabilities shop.

Your Lucky you don't do the classic method of: "Just smack them up side the head. and tell them to shut up.".

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