Gorilla Spinners from Best Fidget Spinner

Gorilla Spinners 1 100x100

These fidget toys are of premium class and are famous for their unique design. R188 steel bearing in the middle provides smooth rotation than ceramic 608. Six metal balls are the counterweight and a crucial design decision. Large color variety is also in place for more custom experience.


I, for one, can see the appeal in these and the cubes. I can also see why teachers or other students might be distracted. Unfortunately, the response seems to be "just take them away." When I was a kid, I fidgeted with my pen, eraser, pencil, whatever I had. I once cut up the upholstery in my parent's car at a very young age, not even thinking about what I was doing. Of course, my teachers always just assumed I was distracted and lazy, and I never saw a doctor for this behavior. This was in the late nineties, by the way. Even to this day, in college, I fidget with my pen, though I've taught myself to not click it any more than two or three times, once I catch myself. People need to stop looking at the cubes and spinners as toys and adjust to work around them. Like the OP says, there may not be evidence that suggests that they are therapeutic, but what I can say, personally as an early adopter of the cube, is that they reduce the pressure that some of us feel when we're not using our hands. Young students with attention/anxiety disorders or issues need to be accommodated instead of being tossed aside as an annoyance.

Personally my favorite spinner is Reily Ried but that's just me.

When we were bored in school we spun pens with our hands. Some of the guys I know got pretty good and made money off of doing tricks with them. Lucky bastards.

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