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Crosses were always popular tattoo designs for men ever since this body art has established. The cross has a huge historic background and symbolism. While obviously being a powerful religious sign and a match for people with faith, it also represents courage, strength, peace, honor, and unwillingness to give up what is yours by right.


all you guys are so mean! i have four tattoos and i love every one of them. i plan on getting more very soon. we don't care what you think about them, or at least i don't, because that would go completely against why we even get tats. i didn't get tats to make you like me or think they were pretty.i got them for me. love them hate them WHATEVER! haha. you do your thing, i'll do my thing and we'll all be shiny, happy people!!

Getting Kanji tattooed without personally understanding the meaning behind it is kinda stupid. there's too much potential to end up looking like a twat just picking a cool looking one out of a book, but having a rediculously stupid meaning.

this list hurt my brain. All the tattoos on the list will make you look like you put little thought or effort into choosing your tattoo, not to mention in the tattoo community your looked upon as a douchbag with a tribal, dragon, or chinese symbol.

I personally don't have any tattoos, but if I do get any, it'll be something unique, not something that is flavour of the month. If I never come up with something I want, I won't get one, simple as. I find it really annoying that people get swallows or bluebirds because they're 'cool', without seeing that there's a greater meaning too them, probably a meaning some of these 'hipsters' wouldn't want to be associated with at all. But sticking to the military side of these things, do these people have Victoria Crosses, Purple Hearts or M.O.H's at home, simply because they'll go well with that new jacket? Tattoos of mum or dad make me cringe. I don't need to see a tattoo to see you love your parents, whatever the significance. People who tattoo their own name or date of birth onto their skin are beyon retarded. There are no words for that mate....... I hate the way sleeves have become zeitgeist and seemingly the preserve of footballers and meatballheads who are just following the wave of popular culture. This list just proves the point - tattoos you must get. It defeats the point of something so personal. Saying you should just get what everyone else likes, or at least likes what their mate likes, who was told what to like.

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