Japanese/Chinese Characters from Best Guy Tattoos You Should Get

Japanese/Chinese Characters 1 100x100

Foreign and somewhat exotic characters occupy a big part of tattoo designs for men. They look sick and their meaning is known only to you and the people who can understand the characters. Just make sure you know what your characters mean to avoid some embarrassing situations.


your a lamo! ALL these tattoos are cheesy hipster tatts with no meaning. Anyone with a nautical star tattoo is retarded. It is like having a trampstamp of a butterfly! Almost every tattoo I have seen is corny and bears no meaning whatsoever other than saying "im really self absorbed wouldn't I look like a badass with a tatt" just get an affliction tshirt at least when you outgrow the trashy phase you can donate the shirt or use it as a rag! Oh yah it does make you a POSER. go ride your fixie and wear your wayfayrers dorks so I can pick you out in a crowd and laugh at your "trying so hard to be different asses"

A butterfly CAN be meaningful; after all they are a symbol of rebirth, change, etc, but yeah, most people who get a butterfly tattoo just got it "bcuz it wuz purty".

There's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo simply because you like the design. It's nice to have a meaning, sure, but the main reason (I think) tattoos are so awesome is because they add something to the body. That being said, this list reeks of sarcasm.

Interesting comment . Apparently you spent as much time researching tattoo meanings as you did with your shitty $2.00 tattoos you had done at your local scratch shop. The nautical star represent service at sea so how about you shut the fuck up before you get up in a mess you want no part of. Second they also represent life's journeys, one you move out of your mammas basement and get a fucking life you will have these journey's that represent phases in your life. So typical when a pussy jumps behind a keyboard and bashes what he knows not a fucking thing about. Typical douchebag. I have over 7k in art and 3 include nautical start and I bet you every fucking dollar I own you wont bring that shit and say it just keep hiding behind your keyboard and type away on your mommy's internet she pays for you fucking pathetic loser.

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