The Skull (tattoo) from Best Guy Tattoos You Should Get

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One of the most badass-looking men’s tattoos. The design is quite old but the popularity never faded away. The skulls are designed in different ways, either mocking the death and danger, making clear that fear is not an option or paying the respect to the death or those who have been lost.


Yeah Tattoos not to get....Never get a tattoo when your drunk and don't get a tattoo from some bozo.... If I were going to get a tattoo I would get one with everlasting meaning.... I'm an Aries and my initials spell JAWS S being Sr. So a shark or a ram .. I'm a believer in Jesus and his mission so the cross in wood because i'm a carpenter like Jesus may have been .... Praying hands or a favorite sport or hobby ....Tattoo in remembrance of a beloved pet or family member who died....Or wildlife tattoos or flower or plant tattoos maybe .... Take your time though and really think it through it will last forever and where you get the tattoo matters a lot ,a dude riding down the road on a motorcycle with his t shirt blowing up and exposing at ramp stamp is stupid.... LOL,,, Find a proven pro artist and get references....

these all suck there is soo much better tattos

it's like you explain why people should get a swallow (if they sail 5000+ miles) and then advocate getting one if you are a hipster douche who only sails through non-fat soy frappechinos from Starbucks. I'm going to pull out a cliche, but since this entire article is a collection of them I think I'm on safe ground..... Worst. Article. Ever.

All i can say is a mixed list of tattoos... although some tattoos does not go with the crowd but other are quite nice...

Umm, I just read on like ten other sites that these are the tattoos everyone should avoid at all costs. Minus the cross. Crosses are cool if they have religious significance. But the rest of those are pretty dumb.

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