Heart with Mom from Best Guy Tattoos You Should Get

Heart with Mom 1 100x100

Expressing love for the most important women in our lives has alway been among dominant tattoo ideas for men. Mother has a permanent place in the heart and it is reasonable to portray it on the body as a proof of love and a reminder that there is a person that will back you up.


Well lets take a look, if you aren't asian or have asian ancestry you probably have no right getting a tattoo with asian words. Same with tribal "excuse me may I ask Mr. White guy, what tribe are you in". I for one will be getting celtic symbols tattoo'd, but that is because my family is Irish and can trace our roots back to the celts.

i have chinese on my arm. it means cat spring roll. i confirmed this with 4 different people before getting it.

Dude I'm with you, nothing looks more fuk stupid than some milk skinned, skinny white boy with some dumb ass chineese or tribal tat. Oh yea , fags hould be tattooed across the face so normal people know not to get too close to the aids spreading, walking dead.

This has to be the most narrow minded and unoriginal thing I have reed in a while. First of all I believe that anyone who chooses a ready made tattoo out of a top ten list is really just trying to project a image of him or herself that is not true. Second, although I will admit that, to be great yet personal, it is not necessary for a tattoo to be completely original as some common cultural images and designs can represent personal style I have to say that many tattoos on this list are amongst the worst tattoos, cliches of doucheness and stupidity. Authentic tattoo artists will refuse to do many of the tattoos on this list.

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