Best Top-Load Washing Machines of 2018

Traditionally, when someone talks about washing machines, you imagine a regular front load white washer that used to stand in your parents` house. But already for a long time, everyone knows such types of the washing machine are inconvenient to use, especially in apartments. And if you do not have really big flat or house you will face the problem of lack of space. But there is very ingenious and at the same time simple solution of this problem. Almost all the domestic accessories manufacturers are selling the top load washers that are very often even cheaper than front load. But because of the advertising and media, very few people know about them. We decided to make a list of best top load washers. We have chosen the most famous and best companies that produce washing machines as well. All you have to do is choose the best washer for you after you read the article below.



General Electric, or GE, is a world-renowned digital industrial company. Among other things, they specialize in selling household accessories. GE has a wide variety of washing machines from really cheap to expensive so that everyone can choose their own. GE washing machine reviews confirm the high quality of its products.


Kenmore Elite

Apart from other washers, Kenmore has a series of Kenmore Elite washers that can easily be called as one of the best top loading washing machines. With a huge drum capacity, above-average cleaning power, easy-breezy controls, and an appealing aesthetic, the high-end Kenmore Elite washer is a smart purchase.



The first on our list is top load washer from the Amana Company. Absolutely easy to use and load, this washing machine will perfectly fit in any place in your apartment (kitchen, bathroom, hall or anywhere else). Sometimes stores have great discounts exactly on this washer, so, don’t miss your chance!



As the largest domestic accessory manufacturer in the world, Whirlpool owns such companies and brands as Maytag, Ariston, and others. It`s obvious, Whirlpool washer rates as best top loader washing machine according to specifications, customer reviews, testing, etc. On the Whirlpool website, you can compare offers of different brands and choose the best.


Samsung Washing Machine

Another South Korean brand that produces all kinds of equipment. Through the years, Samsung has become synonymous with the word "quality." In addition, it has a unique washer with combined top and front loads. Such a thing is probably the best washing machine created so far. 2-in-1 Samsung washing machine is your smart investment.



Maytag is the American brand of domestic accessories owned by Whirlpool since 2006. Maytag offers consumers several types of washing machines that are truly reliable and easy to use. Maytag top load washer reviews have only positive assessments of the washers, its options, and abilities.


LG Washing Machine

LG is probably one of the most known brands all over the world. This South Korean company produces all kinds of techniques from smartphones to vacuum cleaners. LG top load washing machine reviews tell that it is easy to use and consumers really enjoy a fully automatic washing process.



Ariston domestic accessories are known as one of the best among others. That’s why nothing is exciting, Hotpoint has produced one of the best top loading washing machines. Only for $449 you can purchase a piece of quality to your house and make your cloth as clean as never before.



Frigidaire is famous for a high quality of its products and has a status of one of the best household appliances manufacturer. Moreover, Frigidaire created one of the best top load washers that you can find. It has 5 soil levels, large capacity, stainless steel drum, and (oh my God!) 12 wash cycles.



Kenmore has more than 10 different types of top load washing machines, and each of them can be called best top loading washer. Kenmore uses a 3-part wash motion to do easy work out of tough laundry. You can find more information on the Kenmore website and make your choice.