Best Special Forces

The art of war has always been an interesting topic for discussion. Since the days of Ancient Greece, countries began to create special army units as elite groups of soldiers for the most responsible and value missions. Spartans, Immortals in the Persian army, Berserks, Praetorian guardsmen, Heavy German cavalry, The Musketeers of the Guard, Polish Hussars and many others are just a small number of the best Special Forces in the world of all time. Currently, almost all the interesting information about Special Forces has a top-secret status, but little is available. That's why we decided to combine all this data and created a list of Top 10 Special Forces at the moment. Please note that some units such as GIGN, Cobra, Mossad, SEI, KSK, and some other known forces are not on the list just because we have very little information about them.


Polish GROM

And the last in our list of top ten Special Forces of the world are Polish special army units called GROM (Thunder in English). This special unit can be compared to special operations units as the Delta Force, Navy's SEAL Team Six (DEVGRU) or SAS. GROM participated in campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.


British SAS

For many reasons, British SAS has always been one of the best Special Forces in the world. Perhaps this is due to the influence of Call of Duty and Capitan Price, but those British who defend Crown power really seem to be the best.


Special Boat Service (SBS)

There are a couple of best Special Forces from the United Kingdom. SBS is only one unit of the Special Forces of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy. It was founded in 1940 and for almost 80 years it performs the most complex and responsible operations. However, it is described as the sister unit of 22 SAS.


Pakistan Special Service Group (SSG)

Our list of top Special Forces in the world will not be complete without these Pakistani professionals. SSG is divided into 8 battalions and each battalion comprises 700 people. It was formed in 1956 and still remains as the backbone of Pakistan's internal and external security.


Shayetet 13

The Israeli army is known as one of the best armies in the world, therefore the fact that Israel has the top Special Forces is also not surprising. Shayetet 13 specializes in secret land and sea operations behind enemy lines. The last known operation, which involved Shayetet 13, is the Gaza flotilla raid in 2010.


U.S Rangers

The list of the top Special Forces couldn't be full without the name of these guys. Rangers were and remain the core of all special operations in the US and all parts of the globe. And it's really sad that some people really do not appreciate the role of the US Rangers in many of the most important military campaigns of the past.


The Delta Force

The Delta teams are probably the most elite Special Forces in the world. There are not as many people in the Delta as in the Navy, but each of these soldiers is the best. The Delta training system is completely secret, so we can only imagine how the US trains the most elite soldiers of the planet.


Russian Spetsnaz

At all times the Russian army was the best-trained army in the world. The methods that are used in Spetnaz's daily training may not be so widely known as Navy's, but they have incredible effectiveness. In some documentary films, there is even information that the best Spetsnaz soldiers have the skills of contactless fighting.


U.S Green Berets

U.S Green Berets are the legendary combat detachments that were the most elite Special Forces in the world during the Vietnam War and a while after. Today they still exist and have the high standards, but they also became an example of the high professionalism of elite soldiers.