Best Fursuit Makers

Cosplay mainstream has become incredibly popular over the past few years. But today all the world-famous cosplay contests are connected with comics or TV-series themes. And lots of people do not know about furry fandom communities that have existed for many years. But the majority of fans don’t use to do the fursuits on their own. They prefer to lean it for a while. And today we will write not about the cosplayers but about the top 10 fursuit makers who provide all the cosplayers with the fursuits. In our list of the list of fursuit makers, we tried to put not only the largest manufacturers but also small ones. The key indicator of the level of the manufacturer for us was customers’ reviews who previously used the services of these companies and expressed a personal opinion on this matter.


Furr Happens

Good fursuit makers will always find their customers. Furr Happens has exactly such situation: they don’t have an official company website (only LJ and Facebook pages), but they are very popular fursuit manufacturers in the US. They make the long-live fursuits which have no analogs on the market.

This store doesn’t exist anymore

I love furrys so much and i love what you do

I love furrys so much and i love what you do



And the last on our list of fursuit makers is a small company called Kodimade. Nevertheless, their fursuits are literally admired by the customers because Kodimade has found the best proportion of the price and quality. They can also build your costume based on your design and your requirements.

Great for suits

I love furrys so much and i love what you do


Made Fur You

And the first fursuit maker in our list is the company called Made Fur You. They are one of the best fursuit companies on the market today. They have a wide variety of suits from wolves to shepherds and foxes. And if you want to order a dog fursuit, you can choose it from different versions.


I love furrys so much and i love what you do


It is the most famous fursuit companies among all on the list. They have some of the most artistic and durable suits. More than 25 different fursuits are available on their website. If you make an order they will deliver the package to you in just a couple of days.

So I’ve been wondering, can you make me a Dutch angel dragon suit, coming with a squeaker for free? I’m a child, but I live around opelika AL. 171. And I’ve been hoping to get one for a very long time. And I don’t know how to use money, and I’m broke cause I used 200 for my universal trip. And I’m super obsessed with squeaking and being a Dutch angel dragon heck I even act like one. I want a real suit. I want my own personal suit that will give me a lifetime of happiness. Please. It’s my birthday today.

I love furrys so much and i love what you do


Mischief Makers Fursuits

Fursuit commissions is the best way to choose the right company with the best fursuits. Unfortunately, despite of high-quality products, does not have the best customer reviews. It is up to you whether to believe them or not, but it is a fact that Mischief`s fursuits are really good.

Mischief Makers have such a bad review? I had my first full digitigrade fursuit from mischief and there where no issues/

I love furrys so much and i love what you do



Beetlecat is definitely one of the best fursuit makers nowadays. They have fursuits of a high-quality that fit almost perfectly, and it is really difficult to make fursuits that fit you well. Also, all costumes are incredibly realistic. On their website you can find any kind of fursuit you might ever want.

I love furrys so much and i love what you do

I just really want a fursuit. And for the people who are bullies shut up.

I hope these guys know what there doing


Stuffed Panda Studios

Fursuit makers cheap offers don’t relate to this company at all. Stuffed Panda creates really nice and high-quality fursuits but, at the same time, they have 20% higher price than all other companies. For many cosplayers, such price can be insane. But if you have enough savings you can easily buy it.

I love furrys so much and i love what you do


Don't Hug Cacti

Don't Hug Cacti is one of the fursuits makers from Glendale, AZ. They have a really awesome style of their fursuits which makes them recognizable among others. Some customers reviews say that their fursuits are good only from outside and have a horrible quality inside but you do not have to believe them.

Don't Hug Cacti has a great outside, but a horrible inside. Just because they are popular and have a good reputation that doesn't mean they are the perfect company to look up to. Many customers complained of getting headaches from wearing the fursuits. Some of the glue still sticks on the inside. They are very snappy to their customers.

I love furrys so much and i love what you do


Kilcodo Costumes

Compared with other manufacturers, Kilcodo Costumes are really cheap fursuit makers. If you want to put on your fursuit only a couple of times a year, Kilcodo Costumes will help you choose the best costume for you. Don’t waste your time and buy now!

I love furrys so much and i love what you do


Beastcub Creations

Today you can often find a high-quality fursuit because usually, companies save money buying less-quality cloth, details, etc. But Beastcub Creations are not like that. They have a wide variety of fursuits where you can find even Mint Saber or Raccoon. Their fursuits can be a little bit pricey but they worth money.

I love furrys so much and i love what you do