Top 10 Worst Deaths in History

People have always skillfully harmed other people. And from ancient times the art of tortures was one of the most perfect things ever created by people. In our opinion, those executioners who knew how to make a person die slowly and painfully were the worst people in history. But sometimes gruesome deaths happened due to the accidents but not because of people. In any case, this topic is really interesting to write about. We decided to make a list of Top 10 most gruesome deaths in history to show where you can be trapped by dangers and how you should not do in your life. There are a lot of situations from the past connected with the criminals, but there are also several situations below when people caused their death due to inattention or idiocy.


Hiroshi Ouchi

Hiroshi Ouchi suffered the worst torture ever. After receiving a lethal dose of radiation during the work, he was kept alive for three months by the Japanese doctors who wanted to observe the effects of radiation. A few days later, the skin and muscles of Hiroshi began to fall apart and his stomach began to melt. It's hard to imagine such pain.


Sean Doyle

This one is the most gruesome death you can ever imagine. During the festive season of 2002, Sean Doyle felt down into a manhole. Because of the scalding hot water, rescue workers were not able to pick him out. Sean spent a couple of hours inside the manhole getting burnt alive.


Truls Hellevik

The most known accident is connected with the Byford Dolphin, a semi-submersible, column-stabilized drilling rig. In 1983, during drilling operations, a group of divers, together with Truls Hellevik, were inside a decompression chamber system when the chamber explosively decompressed from a pressure of nine atmospheres to one atmosphere. 3 of them, including Truls, died immediately.


John Jones

The worst deaths always happen by accident. The situation that happened with John Jones recalls that you should always be careful. Studying the cave in Utah, John was stuck in the hole facing upside down. Within 28 hours the rescuers tried to release him but, unfortunately, unsuccessfully.

He died upside down, in pain, in darkness, in fear, alone, didn't have the chance to properly say good bye, all because of a simple mistake.


Balthasar Gérard

Balthasar Gerard has probably experienced the most painful way to die in history. After he killed William I of Orange and was caught, the torturers decided not to mercy him. First, they fit him with iron boots and put in front of the fire. In addition, his armpits were branded, boiling bacon fat was poured onto his body, and nails were inserted between his toes and fingers.


David Douglas

Thinking about the most terrible death we can also imagine different traps. A similar situation has happened with David Douglas: while he was climbing Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii, he fell into a pit-trap filled with sharp spikes. In addition, the bull fell on him, and this led to immediate death.


William Wallace

The most famous Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace became famous not only as a talented warrior but also as a man of honor. He denied the king's offer to beg for mercy. After that, he was emasculated and disemboweled (his dismembered organs were burnt) before being beheaded and split into four parts.


Cato the Younger

One of the most gruesome deaths happened in ancient Rome. Cato the Younger, who was an opponent of Caesar, decided to commit suicide. The suicide was unsuccessful, and doctors sewed him back up. Being a persistent person, Cato ripped his stitches and took out his bowels, after which he slowly died.


David Allen Kirwan

Sometimes dogs that are best friends of people make them do silly things. David was driving around the Yellowstone's Fountain Paint Pot thermal area when his dog decided to jump into a spring a temperature reaching over 200 degrees: David dived in to help. He received 3rd-degree burns to 100% of his body and died the next day.


György Dózsa

And probably the most painful death happened to György Dózsa who headed a rebellion against the King of Hungary. After an unsuccessful uprising, Dozsa was captured. The executioners forced him to sit on a heated iron throne, with a heated crown on his head and holding a heated scepter in his hand.